Kinks and Kurls expo; Revolutionizing natural hair


The natural hair revolution came alive at the Kinks and Kurls expo that was held on Saturday 25th March at Maria’s Place to celebrate African hair and showcase authentic products for skin and hair made in Uganda for Ugandans. For us, it was like a day back in the ’80s where everyone had an original touch of natural hair- exceptionally magnificent an event.

A woman wearing her natural hair in a unique and elegant style at the Kinks and Kurls Expo.

This was an event created with the desire to show Ugandan women from all ages that it is possible and stylish to wear their hair natural with ease and affordability and to give them knowledge on the Dos and Don’ts of having natural hair. 

Kurls and Kinks started out in Malaysia as the Kurls and Kinks conversations with a number of African women who came together regularly to identify more ways of nurturing their hair so as to keep it fresh, cool, and strong. It, later on, grew to the wide phenomenon that it is today.

This was the second edition of the expo that attracted more people informed of attendance and exhibitors. The activities that took place included brunch, hairstyle tutorials, and talks on natural hair care which were aimed at providing hacks to keeping a great look with natural hair.

Over the past 5 years, more Ugandans have seen embracing their natural locks and wearing their hair in a number of styles that keep it in its original form, abandoning relaxers and other chemicals that seek to alter its natural form. As a result, forums of this nature have come up to provide advice and guidance to women who are on this journey.