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7 Things to Avoid with an Automatic Car on a Self-Drive Adventure in Uganda


The advent of automatic transmission cars revolutionized the driving experience, making it accessible to a broader audience. In Uganda, as in many parts of the world, automatic cars have become the preferred choice for travelers. However, with great convenience comes responsibility. In the context of a self-drive adventure in Uganda, there are specific practices that can harm automatic cars if not avoided. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey with you, here are seven things to avoid when driving an automatic car hire Uganda.

Driving the Car on a Reserve Fuel Tank

Regardless of transmission type, driving on low fuel is detrimental to any vehicle. Fuel is the lifeblood of the engine, and insufficient levels can lead to engine damage. It is advisable to maintain the fuel level at a quarter tank or above to ensure the engine operates optimally.

Instant Shift to Parking When the Car Is Still Moving

Impatience can be costly. Some drivers have a tendency to shift to the parking mode while the car is still in motion. This forces the car to an abrupt stop, causing undue stress on the gearbox. Waiting for the car to come to a complete stop before shifting to the park prevents unnecessary wear and tear on the transmission system.

Racing the Car Engine in Parking Mode

Revving the engine in a parked car may seem thrilling, akin to what is observed in motor racing. However, this can be a perilous act for the engine. Excessive revving generates additional friction within the engine, potentially leading to engine failure. Engine replacements are not only inconvenient but also expensive.

Shifting Gears When the Car Is Speeding

Some drivers make the mistake of shifting gears in an automatic car hire uganda while it is moving at high speeds. This abrupt change in transmission components’ direction can cause severe damage to the gearbox. To shift gears safely, it is recommended to brake gently and then transition to the desired gear.

Shifting to Neutral at Traffic Lights

While it’s common for drivers to shift to neutral at red lights to reduce pressure on the brakes, frequent shifting in and out of neutral can cause damage. Keeping the car in drive mode during short stops is advisable to maintain driveline integrity.

Driving Straight Without Warming up the Engine

After a prolonged period of inactivity, the car engine needs time to warm up. Ignoring this crucial step and driving the car aggressively without allowing the engine to warm up can result in increased friction within the engine components. Warming up the engine ensures that fluids are distributed optimally for smooth operation.

Putting the Car in Neutral While Sloping

Attempting to save fuel by coasting in neutral on a slope can have severe consequences. This practice cuts off the oil supply to the transmission system, leading to inadequate lubrication. The result is increased wear and tear on the transmission components, potentially causing long-term damage.


While automatic cars offer unparalleled convenience, it is crucial to handle them with care. By avoiding these seven practices, drivers can contribute to the longevity and optimal performance of automatic transmission cars during their self-drive adventure in Uganda.

5 Things that Make Uganda a Unique Safari Destination

Mighty River Nile

Uganda is less known destination on the African continent but its sheer variety of national parks sets it apart from other safari destinations in East Africa. Located just astride the Equator, Uganda is a growing travel destination. With a wide range of unique places and attractions, if you are looking for an exotic destination for your African safari, look for no further! The Ugandan Web lists some of the best things that make Uganda, a unique destination that you should consider while planning your next holiday.

The Source of River Nile in Jinja

The River Nile, notably the world’s second longest river is not only the lifeline of many nations in the world but also a remarkable unique feature that puts Uganda on the world map. Located in Jinja, the quest for the Source of the Nile ended in Uganda in 1862 when John Speke, one of the British Explorers reached the point where the Nile emerges out of the Lake Victoria. The Nile has made Jinja famous! Lots of adventure activities adventure have been developed basing on the Nile. These include white water rafting, bungee jumping, kayaking, etc.

Visitors to the source of Nile can enjoy superb boat trips around Lake Victoria and visit to the hydroelectric power plant at Owen falls dam, indulge in the adventurous bungee jumping experience, white water rafting and Kayaking in the rapids of the Nile.

Gorilla trekking in Bwindi and Mgahinga national parks

Mountain Gorilla trekking is one of the rarest encounters in the world and this can be done right in the wild jungles of Western Uganda.  Uganda protects a healthy population of the endangered mountain gorillas within two protected national parks; Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National park. Almost half of the world’s mountain gorilla population is found in Uganda. This year, Uganda is the ultimate destination for gorilla trekking and it is the most popular adventure that visitors crave to do on their visit to this amazing country.

Bwindi Impenetrable National park alone consists of up to 14 habituated gorilla families that are accessed from four distinguished sectors of the park. These include Rushaga, Ruhija, Buhoma and Nkuringo region. Mgahinga National Park on the other hand is home to only one gorilla family called the Nyakagezi Group.

The Rwenzori Mountains – “mountains of the moon”:

Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains is one of the unique tales of Uganda. Located in the south western corner, the Rwenzori Mountains are shared with the Democratic Republic of Congo and it is an adventure world of its own. Labelled the mountains of the world, the towering Rwenzori raises to height of 5,109m above sea level and presents some of the rarest adventure encounters in Africa and beyond.

The remote Rwenzori Mountains offer opportunities presents a great opportunity to hikers. The hike takes you through stunning landscapes and varied montane vegetation. Once on the top of the mountain, you will have clear views of Africa’s third-highest summit, which is one of the less explored peaks.

Climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth national park:

The Queen Elizabeth National Park is Uganda’s world biosphere reserve. It is home to one of the most elusive species including the tree climbing lions, buffaloes, elephants, hippos, leopards, etc. Looking to a wildlife safari, include Queen Elizabeth National Park in your tour itinerary and encounter these rare species! The search for the tree climbing lions that are known to lie flat on fig trees in a chilly afternoon, is one of the things you should not miss.

Queen Elizabeth National Park in addition to being home of the ‘Big 4’, also hosts interesting features! It is also an amazing destination for bird watching given that it boasts of over 605 bird species. A launch trip along the famous Kazinga channel is interesting given that you it takes you past the capital of hippos in Uganda. Other interesting animals you can see on the lake shores are solitary buffaloes, elephants that come for a drink during a hot day etc.


Uganda is home to this popular landmark, the equator! This is one of the most famous and remarkable attractions in the country. The country lies astride the Equator and there are two permanent monuments; one in Kasese and another at Kayabwe along Masaka Road. The Equator divides the earth into the southern and northern hemispheres!

The Kayabwe landmark is much developed and it is the most common in pictures. It is located 70 km away from Kampala towards the south west direction, taking about one hour to reach from the city. This point offers a perfect stopover while en route to the south western based national parks, including Lake Mburo National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and the famous Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Why Gorilla Trekking is Much Loved?

Gorilla Trekking in Africa

In Luganda language, gorillas are called “Bisodde” in Lunyankole-Lukiga, its “Engagi” and other names depending on the tribe. Gorillas are found in forested areas, mountainous areas and so on. Those which prefer staying in low lands are called Lowland Gorillas while those staying in highlands are called mountain gorillas.

Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are the only homes to the mountain gorillas. These countries host the mountain gorillas in four gazetted national parks of Bwindi National park and Mgahinga National Park of Uganda, the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Gorillas are found in ten countries in Africa. Other African countries hosting the endangered gorillas include Central African Republic, Nigeria, Democratic republic of Congo (DRC), Congo Brazzaville, Angola, Cameroon and Gabon.

Meeting the gorillas eye to eye in the wild is one of the most thrilling wildlife encounters you can enjoy in Africa. Within several countries, gorilla tourism has been developed and tourists can visit the natural habitats where these great apes live and watch them from the wild. This experience commonly referred to as gorilla trekking is a moving experience. Don’t expect a zoo experience given that you will be within the natural home of the great apes without any barrier protecting you.

Looking into the pensive eyes of the gentle giants is such a heart pounding experience. It should be noted that gorillas are more loved for trekking which is evidenced by the large number of tourists yearning to meet them in their natural habitat. Most gorilla watching trips are taken in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic. Within these countries, gorilla trekking is the top tourist activity in each country. Other destinations where you can go for gorilla watching are Gabon, the Republic of Congo, Central African Republic and Nigeria.

Of all these destinations, Rwanda is the favorite destination for luxury gorilla treks. For budget and midrange travel, Uganda is the ultimate destination to visit. There are also opportunities to experience a luxury gorilla safari in Uganda.

Gorillas are much loved due to the following reasons:

Gorillas are human like, they are intelligent and somehow similar DNA after chimpanzees. Gorillas exhibits unique characters which are similar to those of human being like formulating organized  families, building shelters, feeding together, hunting together and so on.

Gorillas trekking offers amazing experience – it involves climbing uphill and sloping down the valleys, crossing rivers and so on when trying to look for them in their natural habitat.  The exercise in done in groups under the guidance of rangers who ensures that the trek is enjoyable and informative. In Uganda and Rwanda, each Gorilla group is visited by the maximum of eight people who trek while sharing ideas among others.

Gorilla trekking enable visitors to exercise their bodies- the process of climbing, sloping, jumping over rivers and so on. In other words, the exercise improves human health just like a person from Jim.

Tropical forest in Uganda including Bwindi Forest and Mgahinga National Park offers pure breathing air which is rarely found in urban areas. The forest also offer other tourist attractions like unique tree species, hills and valleys, insects, reptiles and water bodies among others.

Gorillas earn a lot of foreign exchange in countries like Uganda, Rwanda, and Democratic Republic of Congo among others. Currently, Rwanda charges US$ 1500 per Gorilla permits, Uganda charges US$ 600, DR. Congo charges US$ 400 which widens the government tax base of such countries hosting Gorillas.

Gorillas defend themselves in times of danger making them easy to host. Gorillas have predators because they are strong enough to defeat their enemies without the help of human being- in other words, Gorillas are stronger than human beings – it’s estimated that, one Gorilla is equivalent to the strength of ten strong men.

Gorillas are calm if not disturbed – they can only charge when they detected danger. That is why trekkers are argued to follow the rules and regulations governing Gorillas trekking exercise.  It should be noted that, human should leave a reasonable distance in between with Gorillas; Flash cameras should be avoided, when Gorillas charge, better leave.

Gorillas in natural habitat are easy to host because they feed on vegetation, defend themselves in time of attack and look for their young ones among others.

8 Natural Attractions Not to Miss in Uganda

Sezibwa Falls

Located in East Africa, the pearl of Africa Uganda is one of the major tourism destination blessed with both natural and, man made attractions all interesting to the tourists, Uganda is gifted by nature with various water bodies lakes , rivers forests, mountains unique culture, cultural sites and historical sites among others.  More still, the pearl of Africa Uganda is a land locked country which is crossed by the equator and border Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, south Sudan and Democratic republic of Congo. There are more than 54 tribes in Uganda each different and unique in their own ways and English is the most spoken language by most people across different cultures besides their local cultures. There are various natural sites in Uganda which tourists should not miss out on their tripe to Uganda which includes the following:

The source of the Nile

This is the point where river Nile/white Nile begins to trek from Victoria to the Mediterranean Sea covering a distance of 6695 kms. This point was formerly the Rippon falls that submerged as a result of the construction of Murchison falls dam which is located in Jinja district Uganda.

Amabere Ga Nyinamwiru:

This site is a lime stone with stalagmites and stalactites which drip the calcium carbonate to form stalagmites down below. They are located near Nyakasura School 9kms west of fort portal town in Kabalore district. They are referred to as the breasts of Nyinamwiru who was the mother of Ndahura the first Mucwezi king of the empire of kitara, more still; there is a water fall within the rock shelter and crater all which have qualified the site to be a tourist attraction site.

Sempaya Hot springs

These hot springs are located at two areas where one is named as male where as the other named as female, they are found in the semliki river valley below the escarpment on the read from fort portal to Bundibugyo town. It is a site where the Bamba inhabitants I of Bundibugyo district carryout their cultural ceremonies and as a famous tourist site not to missed out by the travelers.

Semwema Rock Shelter

This is located 2kms west of kakumiro trading centre and 1 km east of Munsa earthworks in kibale district. It is an active shrine of the bachwezi cult which is underneath a rock shelter that can accommodate about 200 people. There is also a tunnel within the rock shelter through which the visitors pass to the top to clearly view the country side, more still at the shrine, a numerical 9 within the bachwezi cult is observed which is so interesting to the tourists most especially first time travelers.

Bugoma Tree

This is a lone ever green tree which can be seen within a distance of 30kms of plateau land 20kms east of Rubaare trading centre on the Mbarara kabale high way. The site is an active shrine of the religious cult known as the balangi who like the bacwezi cult gather at the site on Saturdays for day and night prayers, its antiquity is evidenced by the extensive root system some of which stretch to 100 meters from the tree.

Kisizi Waterfall

The site is found near Kisizi hospital and it is a site where un married girls who could get pregnant would be tied and their brothers would push them down the falls to die as a deterrent against pre marital pregnancies. This practice is no longer practiced but the site is there as a tourist site, tourists should therefore not miss out this opportunity whenever they have a trip to Uganda.

Sezibwa Falls

Situated 3kms off the 30kms Kampala Jinja road, it is an active shrine and it is said that a big snake lives in one of the rock shelters which feeds on eggs and ritual objects brought by supplicants. At the site, supplicants are also washed at the point where the falls drop to heal from infertility and poverty.

Conclusively, Uganda is blessed with many tourism site which are in their natural setting, have never been tampered at any single time for decades. Travelers taking tours in Uganda are always blessed enjoy such natural sites with exciting histories that gives them a memorable experience.

Top Places to Visit with a Rented Car in Uganda

Kidepo Wilderness

When you think of car rental deals Uganda should be on top in terms of countries to Visit. There are many attractions which can be visited with a rental car in Uganda. It doesn’t matter in case you do not know how to drive the car, there are Chauffeur drivers who are very professional about driving in Uganda and the neighboring countries. In case a client knows how to drive, self-driving is also one of the best ways to explore Uganda. It doesn’t require much; your local driving license is acceptable to drive in Uganda and for those with international driving license it is a very good option.

Uganda is gifted by nature and this makes it a prime destination for natural lovers, there are many attractions to see ranging from water bodies, wildlife, mountains, forests and culture. Here below are the places to choose on car rental basis.

Western Uganda

Bwindi and Mgahinga National parks

For tourists visiting Uganda whether on car hire or self-driving, gorilla parks shouldn’t miss on the list. Bwindi and Mgahinga are Uganda’s national parks where the rare mountain gorillas can be tracked. They are close relatives of humans and nothing is so exciting to stand before the gentle and shy creatures. Mountain Gorillas on this planet earth can be tracked in three countries Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Though the price for the permit is a bit high and differs depending on the country, the experience is exceptional and life time.

Queen Elizabeth National Park: This is a wildlife park in Uganda and it is strategically located. Many visitors do visit Queen Elizabeth National Park to enjoy its diversity of attractions, Besides the many animals which can be seen in the game drive, there is another option of cruising on Kazinga channel summarizing the visit by spotting some of other species missed on the game drive.

Queen Elizabeth also includes Kyambura gorge which is known to be a home to primates and the most attractive one is the Chimpanzees. Enjoy the beautiful land scape of the gorge while tracking another close relative of Human, the Chimpanzees. Visiting the gorge is fun, appreciate nature, different bird species and many more.

Queen Elizabeth National Park also offers another section of Ishasha. This is the section where visitors enjoy the tree climbing lions. It is a rare happening but the chance is available in Ishasha sector.

Kibale National Park: Kibale forest is one of the famous places in Uganda for Chimpanzees Tracking, not only Chimpanzees, the forest is a home to 13 species of primates. With activities like Chimpanzee Tracking, Nature walks, birding, and Chimpanzee habituation. You will be immersed in Kibale’s specials and the experience is incomparable.

Lake Mburo National Park: It is among the smallest National Park in Uganda but with diversity of species. Lake Mburo is known to have those attractions and activities which are rarely found in other parks, Besides the normal game drive and boat cruise where visitors can see many wildlife, there are activities like Horse riding, cycling safaris, Natural walks for both day and night.

Northern Uganda

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary: This is the only place in Uganda where you can see the Rhinos, and it’s a place where the list of big five can be completed. They are white rhinos and visitors are escorted by the guides and track them in the sanctuary. Besides the Rhino, the sanctuary is home to many other attractions like antelopes, different bird species and many more.

Murchison falls National Park: It is the biggest National Park in Uganda. It is where the Murchison falls is found on the River Nile. The park is home to many animals like lions, leopards, elephants, Giraffe and etc. Another powerful attraction in this park is the boat cruise to the bottom of the falls. The falls are beautiful and very beautiful to look at. Other attractions include visiting the top of the falls, spot fishing, boast cruise to the delta, birding and cultural encounters.

Kidepo National Park: It is one of the remote National parks in Uganda. The park is not disappointing and when it comes to the land scape and culture, Kidepo is above nothing. In the game drive, expect to see animals like, Bush pigs, Giraffes, Hynas, Oribi, lions, leopard and many more. Since the park is remote and far, strong 4×4 car is recommend for the smooth running of the trip.

Eastern Uganda:

Jinja: It is not far away from Central Kampala. The place is suitable for adventure travelers, honeymooners and those who prefer to relax from the stress or from the long holidays. It is where the River Nile and Lake Victoria is found. Enjoy water-based activities here like Visiting the source of the Nile, Rafting, Bungee jumping, Boat cruises, and many more.

Sipi Falls: It’s located on Mountain Elgon; the falls are in 3 fazes and each phase is a miracle on its own. The falls can be explored on a nature walk passing through people’s gardens and rocks. Visitors are escorted by the local guides. Enjoy the cool breeze, views of different places and also take unforgettable pictures to take memories at home.

Where to sleep on a car Hire tour in Uganda

No need to worry about where to sleep on a car hire trip in Uganda. The country has developed its infrastructure and there are different types of accommodation where a visitor can choose where to spend nights. They range from Camping, Budget, Midrange and Luxury. Some of the known accommodation facilities in different places include, Clouds Mountain Gorillas, Rushaga Gorilla lodge, Mweya safari lodge, Bush lodge, Paraa safari lodge, and Fort Murchison.

5 Best Road Trips in Uganda

Road Tripping Uganda

Uganda is a beautiful country with a lot of interesting features that will reward you with an exciting experience. Whether you are option for Uganda self-drive or car rental with a driver, you will definitely enjoy your holiday through the Pearl of Africa.

Due to its improved road networks, Uganda provides breathtaking moments to travelers once they use the common routes that introduces them to stunning beautiful scenic views, wildlife species, different cultures and so much more. Most of Uganda’s road trips begin from Entebbe or Kampala, the country’s capital and the most popular city. In this article, we have detailed the different best road trips you can take to have a memorable time in the “Pearl of Africa”. These include;

Masindi to Murchison Falls National Park

This is the most popular route as it has a lot to offer to travelers on top of enjoying the beautiful scenic views especially when you reach Budongo Forest. The road is tarmacked and you will

While on this route, vehicles will in all ways slow down which gives a chance to the visitors to have close views at the nature especially the popular Murchison Falls, wildlife species and more. Visitors will be able to have a look at species like lions, giraffes, leopards, several species of birds, elephants and more.

Kampala – Fort Portal

Fort Portal is located in the Western part of Uganda and a road trip from Kampala to this part of the country is likely to take a 4-5 hours depending on the road traffic and condition. This route is one of the shortest and easiest route to the capital of primates in Uganda- Kibale Forest National Park. While on this trip, Visitors should expect to see a lot of beautiful scenic views such as tee plantations, different towns along the road, lush green vegetation and more.

The Gerald Portal monument on the main road gives a warm welcome to the visitors to Fort Portal. The hospitality of the Batooro people is another factor that makes this trip so memorable and amazing. There are a number of activities you can do while in Fort Portal and this makes it a must-visit destination for Ugandan history lovers and researchers.

Tooro kingdom is one of the attractions In Fort Portal. The city itself is a link to many tourist destinations in Uganda such as Semuliki National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Ntoroko section of Lake Albert, and Bigodi Sanctuary among others.

Kampala – Kabale Road Trip

Kabale is situated in the South West of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. A road trip to Kabale will take you between 7-8 hours to reach your destination.

While on this road trip, the visitors will have an opportunity to have a close look at the beautiful scenery across the roadsides, the hills and valleys. Among the amazing features to see is the Equator, ranges with high altitudes which almost touch the sky, rugged terrains, and many more.

Still along your way to Kabale, you will get to visit a number of places such as Ngamba Chimpanzee sanctuary on Lake Victoria, Forest Park Resort at Buloba, Curatic Botanic Gardens and many more.

Kampala – Masindi Road Trip

Masindi is a small district located in the western part of Uganda. Masindi is estimated at 210.7km and is worth a 3-4hour drive. While on a road trip to Masindi, you will be able to see road side vendors and while here you can choose to buy a local snack. You will also be able to see towards River Kafu among other species like birds.

This is one of the most popular road trips in Uganda due to the fact that it leads visitors to a rich tourist area where most of the tourist destinations such as Murchison Falls National Park, Kinyara Sugar Works, Ajai game reserve, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, Karuma Falls wildlife reserve, Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and many more are found.

Kampala to Jinja Road Trip

This route is congested most of the times due to the fact that it is the main road for the country’s imports and exports. It is one of the shortest road trips in Uganda as it is only 79km and worth a 1hr and 10-minute drive.

While on this road trip, the visitors should lower the car windows especially when they reach Mabira Forest. This forest is Uganda’s largest and has a lot to offer to the visitors. Passing through this thick forest offers beautiful scenic views of different tree species, birds among others that give a great experience to the visitors.

Apart from Mabira forest, the route has other interesting features such as the Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Center, Grandeur of the Nile, Uganda National Mosque, Uganda Museum, Jinja Bridge and many more.


The above road trips are just a few of the popular attractions to discover in Uganda. All you need is obtain a reliable car rental in Uganda and get to discover the backside on your own.




An adult female gorilla in the Ruhija gorilla sector in Bwindi impenetrable national park gave birth to a healthy baby gorilla on Valentine’s (14th February 2023). The adult gorilla Tomvi (baby mama) is found in the Mukiza gorilla family led by Mukiza as the dominant silverback.

According to Uganda wildlife authority (UWA) the agency responsible for the conservation of all protected areas, the field team officers have been trying to get and see the baby but it’s being tightly guarded by the father and the mother. The newborn in the family of Mukiza gorilla family has increased the number of individuals in the family to 19 UWA officials said.

They further attributed the little bundle of joy to the active, curious, and effort of many years of successful conservation. We as explore Uganda tours we applaud Uganda wildlife authority for its continued tireless efforts of conservation to see that these already endangered species of apes don’t go extinct. Both the baby and mother are in good health so this is the breakdown of the Mukiza gorilla family in the Ruhija gorilla sector northern part of Bwindi impenetrable national park. 1 male silverback called Mukiza, 6 female adults, 3 sub-adults 3 juveniles, and 4 infants.


Car Rental Tips And Vacation Destinations For First Time Travelers In Uganda

budget car rental uganda

Visiting Uganda for the first time can be overwhelming as you have a lot to put together to achieve a successful road trip. Achieving a successful safari holiday in a destination such as Uganda involves finding a means of transportation and car hire services have proven to be the easiest, safest, and most affordable options for travelers to connect to their tourist sites on Uganda safaris.

Renting a car in Uganda and embarking on a road trip to your destination comes with its own benefits and disadvantages. When hiring a car in Uganda for the first time or second time, requires some keenness and this article brings to you a list of tips to guide plan a successful road trip while also saving a lot on your vacation –self-drive or guided tours.

Car rental tips and vacation destinations for first-time travelers in Uganda

Book your car rental in advance

If you want to save on the car hire cost, then consider hiring a car in Uganda is advance. Do not wait till the last minute when your trip is starting and start running around looking for a car to use for your road trip. Get in touch with our reservation early enough and have your rental car booked in advance. Booking a car rental should be done at least 2-3 months before the actual date of visiting Uganda for a vacation.

Don’t confine yourself to rental cars at the airport

Hiring a car at the airport may cost you much compared to if you did it with a car rental company outside the airport. Airport car hire service providers do incur surcharges, which are likely to be paid by clients. When you book a rental car or a trip with a car rental company or tour operator outside Entebbe International Airport (EBB), you can even be picked up and dropped off at your hotel in Entebbe City or Kampala at no cost.

Carryout thorough check on the vehicle

Before you hit the road using any rental car, first, you must be certain that the car you are going to use doesn’t have damages. Any issues concerning dents, scratches, bumps and others must be critically checked and taken note of. They should also be reported to the operator to avoid incurring a cost afterward when you aren’t the one who caused them. You can even take pictures and share them with the car hire agency you might have rented a car from.

Rent a car that is insured

Do not rent a car in Uganda without knowledge that it is insured. Insurance policies are observed and when renting a car, inquire from the car hire agency you plan to rent the car from if their vehicles are insured. Choose a company whose rental cars are under comprehensive insurance.

Compare car hire prices

Have adequate time to research the different rates for car hire and make comparisons before you consider dealing with any. Different car rental agencies set different prices for their vehicle and rates differ from one company to another. Comparing different agencies’ car rental services and rates will help you narrow down the best that you can deal with.

Hire a car from a reliable & reputable company

Hundreds of car hire service providers exist all over Kampala and across other cities in Uganda. Consider dealing with a reputable company, recognized in the sense that it is registered by the government and you can also check through the sites, and read through reviews to have an idea of what other travelers have said about the same company you plan to deal with.

Best places to visit in Uganda

If you are visiting Uganda for the first time, then here are some of the must-visit places;

Mountain Biking Around Uganda

Mountain Biking in Uganda

Mountain biking. The sport has been embraced worldwide hitting the mainstream in the past 20 years when bike manufacturers realised the growing popularity of the sport and began producing bicycles specifically suited to rough trails.

What is it? And how does it differ from regular bicycling? True to its name, mountain biking originated with people wanting to take bicycling from the streets to rougher and more challenging trails in the mountains. As the sport developed almost all off-road trail riding is now known as ‘mountain biking’ and now usually relates to the type of bicycle used. Mountain bikes have different tires, frames, breaks and gears which make them more durable and better able to handle rough terrain.

Given Uganda’s beautiful and vast wild places it makes the country a mountain bikers dream. A number of people in Kampala ride trails that are dotted around Lake Victoria, in Entebbe, or in Jinja. Even just a quick jaunt off the main road will often provide mountain bikers with a vast number of roads and trails to explore.

If you’re at all interested in the sport, a perfect introduction to mountain biking is coming up on December 8-9, 2012. The second annual Sipi Falls Mountain Bike Race is open to everyone and is just a few short weeks away.  While entering a race might seem daunting this one is really just for fun with only a few hardcore competitors racing to the end in 1:34 hours.

The race itself follows a course that is 19km long and mostly off-road with a small bit of tarmacked road. It offers a few fast and technical sections but mostly some great climbs and downhills past breathtaking scenery including beautiful vistas and cliffs.

It’s best to take your own mountain bike and helmet (a MUST!) but if you don’t have one contact Sipi River Lodge and they can possibly help arrange something for you. You can find their webpage here: http://www.sipiriverlodge.com/bikerace.htm or their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/419181801461508/.

How to get there? Take the Kampala-Jinja Road through Jinja toward Mbale. Turn left 5km after you pass through Iganga. Drive time is about 4.5 hours on good roads with the only bad patch being right outside Mbale.  You’ll want to make a weekend of it if you go to the race as it’s on beautiful Mt. Elgon and there there’s also plenty to do besides mountain biking and Sipi River Lodge is offering a 50% discount on rock climbing or abseiling that weekend. Rooms at the Lodge book quickly but they are also offering a camping special for that weekend only at $10 USD per night. Contact the Lodge for more details: http://www.sipiriverlodge.com/contact.htm

If you can’t make the race or would prefer something closer to home, Nile River Explorers offers mountain biking tours in/around Jinja and through Mabira Forest. Find out more here: http://raftafrica.com/site/other-activities/mountain-biking.html.

When mountain biking it is important to remember that you will often be far from civilisation so bring durable clothes, sunscreen, a hat, water, and a first aid kit. A helmet is also a must as bumps and spills are inevitable. If you aren’t travelling with a guide a GPS, map, or GPS app on your phone could prove helpful if you lose your way.

The last piece of advice is to have fun – a prerequisite for any adventure lover!

5 Tips For Short Drivers On A Road Trip Uganda

Short Driver Tips Road Tripping Uganda

Travelers are now shifting from guided safaris to self-driven trips, since it gives them full control of the trip as they are exploring the gems of Uganda.

Yes, guided safaris give travelers all the comfort of the trip, all the planning and implementation is done by the selected tour operator, so your role is to only enjoy and have fun on a Uganda safari. But what about self-driven safaris in Uganda? Having to explore the wonders of the pearl of Africa at your own convenience gives more lifelong memories than expected.

In the developing tourism era, travelers are now opting to control the steering wheel on safaris in Uganda because they present all the powers to run all the trip activities. Short travelers have faced a number of challenges while driving in Uganda, However, this shouldn’t hold you back from grabbing a self-drive in Uganda with these simple tips below.

For any short traveler on a self-driven tour in Uganda, regardless of the destination, whether to see the gorillas in Bwindi or to explore the only true African wilderness in Kidepo Valley national park, one should know the most suitable car for both their height and the safari itself. The 4×4 Toyota land cruisers are the most appropriate cars for short people because of the higher than average ride height. The height of the body offers great visibility on all sides while seated in the driver’s seat. Also the super adjustable seats in the land cruisers make it possible for short drivers to adjust to their best positions of reach.

Sit high with a cushion; to enjoy self-drive safari in Uganda doesn’t matter how shorter your height is, putting a cushion on the driving seat helps shorter travelers to have a better view ahead. However select the correct cushion since the wrong material and size of cushion is prone to slip away and you might end up with injuries. Therefore choosing the correct cushion is the perfect thing to do. Shorter travelers should ensure that the cushion doesn’t slip away with the movements so that they get the perfect vision. A perfect or correct cushions allows shorter travelers to have a comfortable and exciting safe drive during the self-driven safari in Uganda.

Tilt the steering wheel. Short trotters should always tilt the car steering wheels to their best position of fit. The fact that seeing forward and reaching the steering wheel at the same time would be so hard for a person with a defaulted height. So it is always advisable that they first tilt the steering wheels to the best position where they can properly control the steering as well as seeing forward where they are going.

Pedal extenders. People with limited heights find it hard to reach the brakes and other narrow places, however this shouldn’t be a turn off from a self-driven safari in Uganda. Pedal extenders are cheap but helpful especially in bringing the vehicle higher and closer to the short driver. These pedal extensions limit on the space between the steering wheel and the driver, making it easier to control the brakes as well as the wheels. This is one thing that short people should not hesitate to invest in while on a safari trip in Uganda.

Wearing a visor cap. It irritates the drivers especially the shorter people while driving like in the morning or evening when the sun visor cannot block the sun rays and you get obstructed, that should not stop you from enjoying a self-driven safari in Uganda so the solution is to wear a visor cap and the good thing with it is adjustable, allowing you to block the sun rays from any angle.

In any way, being short can never limit any traveler from discovering the striking wonders hidden in the pearl of Africa. If the above tips are mastered well, self-drives in Uganda can become interesting even for short people that are thought of being incapable of driving.


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