Jinja town is the adventure capital of East Africa. It is a one stop center for visitors with craft shops, bars, restaurants, hotels and Nalubale Uganda’s largest hydro-power dam.

Getting to Jinja takes only 2 hours drive from Kampala. There are a variety of activities and attractions en route there’s Mabira forest reserve, ecotourism centers offer zip lining tours, Sezibwa waterfalls and the road winds through large plantations of sugar cane.

Adventure activities at Jinja:

White water rafting- The rapids of the Nile are best places for indulging into white water rafting in Africa, perfect for adrenaline junkies and learners. Experience a full and half day of heart pounding thrills as you grapple through grade 3-5 rapids and also admire the breathtaking scenery with some wildlife and scattered farmlands and communities.

Bungee Jumping – This is an equally expensive adventure experience in Jinja at a cost of US$125 per person that allows adventure enthusiasts to fall freely from a tall structure at Bujagali and touch the Nile and bounce off the water to really experience a thrilling adventure that will get their adrenaline pumping.

Jet Boating – another thrilling adventure that allows to explore the Nile River using a high speed jet boat. Enjoy 360 degree rotations and feel the cold splash of water all over your body as you ride through rapids under careful guidance of professional boat captains.