There are several landmarks of significant importance in Uganda.

Top Landmarks in Uganda

Source of the Nile  River:

There are plenty of camping, budget and luxury accommodations to stay along the rushing waters with Nile valley scenery and fresh air. The Nile waters create the strongest grade five rapids making Jinja the best white water rafting in East Africa. Although white water rafting is the most popular thing, you can find lots of adventure activities. Its rich history from the biblical times, right up to today makes one wonder of its Genesis. Jinja in Uganda is the proud source of River Nile, popularly known as the adventure capital of East Africa.The first of all take a boat ride to the source marked by Speke monument and statue of Ghandi where the Nile starts to flow northwards from Lake Victoria, the 2nd largest fresh water lake in the world. The local guides unveil an educative and interesting story to listen to explaining all that mystery surrounding the discovery of source of the Nile.

Lake Bunyonyi

For more adventurous tourists, it’s relatively straight forward and short trip to gorilla trekking areas in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park. Lake bunyonyi is located in south west Uganda. Tourists can get there by public transport. Modern coaster buses travel from Kampala for 8-9 hours direct to Kabale, the largest town in the region. From there are taxis or motorcycle<strong>s</strong> which can take you to your lodge.

List of Monuments

  • Independence Monument
  • Mahtma Ghandi Monument at Jinja