Getting Around

Upon your arrival:
When you arrive in Entebbe, there are several options for transport to Kampala. The drive is approximately 45-60 mins (Depending on traffic)

Yellow Taxi: +256 414 532 437 or +256 312 262 036
(both numbers are 24 hours)
The average cost of a taxi from the airport to town is between $20 and $25 or 40,000 UGX

(Please note that transportation from the airport will be arranged by the transport committee only ten day prior to the date of Deedar (date is TBA). Should you be arriving within this time, after 10:30 pm and will require transport, please contact us

General info on local transport:

In Kampala there are many transport options but not all are advisable, for example motorbikes known as ‘boda bodas’ are not a safe option. There are always yellow taxis or special hire cabs which is perhaps the best method of transport.

Getting around:

It is fairly easy to move around Uganda. Though road transport is the most common mode of internal transport, air and water transport are also available.

  • Public transport
  • Private transport
  • Air transport
  • Water transport

There is a choice of public or private transport. Public transport (operated by private companies and individuals) consists of buses (coaches) and minibuses, rather inaccurately called “taxis” in Uganda.

Public Transport

Buses and “taxis” ply all the major routes in the country, but the more one moves from the major towns, the less regular they become. Unless you are going to a particularly remote part of the country, you won’t fail to a bus or “taxi” to take you to your destination.

Of recent there has been a rise in the number of motor cycles so called “Boda boda matatus”. They are the way to go when one needs to get through the morning, afternoon and evening city traffic jam.

There is no advance booking, and you pay to the conductor on board. Buses and taxis don’t keep specific timetables. The take off as soon as the have enough passengers.

Private transport

For private transport, you can rent a vehicle, self-driven or with a driver, from the many car rental companies, including international ones like Hertz and AVSI. Depending on the kind of vehicle, rates begin from about Shs 100,000 ($ 60) per day. There are also the so-called “special hire” taxis (conventional taxis or cabs) which will deliver to any place. They don’t use meters, so be sure to agree on the charge before you set off.

A new development is the motorcycle “taxi,” locally known as boda boda (pronounced “border-border”). They are useful in beating traffic or the more remote regions where ordinary taxis may not be readily available, and they are comparatively cheaper.

Air transport

There are scheduled internal flights to certain towns in northern, western and south-western Uganda from and to Entebbe International Airport. Charter flights are also available to any part of the country.

Water Transport

Almost a third of Uganda is covered by water. While not particularly developed, water transport, both traditional and modern is available. There are ferry services to the islands on Lake Victoria, and also across the River Nile at various points along the river.

For the more adventurous one, traditional canoes (manual or motorised) can be hired at the various landing sites in the country. Motorboats can also be hired through tour operators.