How Much is Renting a Car in Uganda?

4X4 Car Rental in Uganda

Learn how much it can cost you to hire a car per day/week/month in Uganda. Planning to rent a car in Uganda for your road trip? Get everything you need to know on how much to rent a car in Uganda/average rental car cost, and key factors that determine the car rental pricing or how it is calculated.

Renting a car in Uganda avails visitors ultimate freedom to discover the country’s natural beauty. But first, anyone with plans to travel to Uganda for a safari or any business needs to know how much it costs to hire a car.

The average cost of hiring a car in Uganda range from US$50 per day to US$400 per week. The rate of hiring a car in Uganda whether for self-drive or guided driver safaris include relevant taxes and rental fees. But what anyone with plans to visit Uganda for holiday needs to know is that car rental rates can vary widely depending on different factors.

Factors that determine rental car prices include the type of car, time of year, location, car hire company/car rental service provider and when to book. The rates of hiring a car may also vary depending on certain car amenities and optional add-ons. Here is detailed breakdown of each factor that determines car rental pricing or factors that affect how much it costs to rent a car in Uganda.

Factors that determine how much it costs to rent a car in Uganda

Car Class

Rental cars in Uganda come in different classes. Each class has its price for hiring. Cars for hire in Uganda range from economy to luxury rental vehicle options. The class of a car does have a huge impact on the final car hire rates. What is important to note is that you can find cheap Uganda car hire or luxury car rental. At the end of it all, you choose one that fits your budget and travel interests.

Top luxury rental cars in Uganda include 4×4 land cruisers, station wagons, mini-bus and minivans. The most affordable rental cars include saloon vehicles and other small SUV car options. When hiring a car for a road trip in Uganda, comfort and safety are essential, a reason you should find a vehicle that fully takes up everyone in your group plus your luggage to be used on a holiday.


Depending on what your desires are, rental cars in Uganda come with varying amenities/features. When you opt to add features such as GPS or Bluetooth connectivity in your rental car, the higher chances are the price can rise up too. Availability of these features have an influence on the car rental prices. This is regardless of whether you plan to hire a lower-class model/high-class model car which comes standard with such features.

Booking period

Hiring a car in Uganda is a must-do thing but when you book one does matter. Certain seasons have influence on the car rental prices, especially the peak months of the year. The peak months run from June, July, August to September, December, January to February.

It is during these peak months when the car hire prices rise high due to high demand. Considering this in mind, hiring a car in Uganda before the actual date of visiting your dream destination is essential. To be safe enough, it is important to have your rental car booked at least a week/month before the arrival date to Uganda.

Besides, there is a chance to find cheaper rental car deals a week prior to actual travel date but this is especially when there are many vehicles on the company’s parking. This is perhaps during the low or off months of the year.

When You Need the Car

Cars are hired for different reasons. Your need is completely different from that of other travelers. A long weekend rental can cost you slightly more than for instance a mid-week booking. Or in case you are within Kampala city/amidst big annual event, when huge numbers of travelers are in the country, definitely the demand for rental cars can rise and so are the prices. Prices often increase during the high-travel seasons compared to the off/low season.


Cities like Kampala or Entebbe feature many car hire service providers but rates differ for rental cars. Where you hire a car in Uganda does matter a lot. Hiring a car at Entebbe International Airport can cost you a bit higher than if you rented a car in Uganda from Kampala city. Rates vary even within individual towns or proximity to airport. The best and most recommended option is hiring a car at least outside the airport. This is for travelers who want to save on rental car cost.

Where you plan to return the vehicle

Nearly all car hire companies charge slightly a higher amount if you bring back the car to a different location than one in the agreement or where you picked it from.

Rental car options

There are two major options when it comes to car hire services in Uganda or anywhere in East Africa. Self-drive and driver guided rental cars are commonly available options one needs to choose. Self drive rental cars may come at slightly lower amount since you don’t incur a cost on driver services. Driver rental cars mean you hire a car and driver services.

Hidden rental car costs you need to know

When hiring a car, it is essential to also take a look/inquire from the car rentals service provider about the hidden costs. Often, additional charges accrue from areas such as equipment add-ons like GPS, child safety seats and subscription radio. Insurance, roadside assistance, extra driver fees and gas.

How much to rent a car in Uganda

4×4 Toyota Rav4 per day can be hired at around USD 50-65, Land cruiser Prado USD 90 per day for road trips running 1-4 days and 10 days plus, you may pay USD 75 per day. A safari land cruiser 1-4 days can cost USD 220 per day and USD 180 per day for road trips that run for 10 days plus.

Land cruiser V8 costs USD 380 per day for road trips running 1-4 days and USD 300 if you plan to have 10 days plus road trip. Omini bus 9-seater can cost USD 90 (1-4 days road trips with driver), and USD 75 for 10 days plus road trips. Coaster buses can be rented at USD 250 per day for 1-4 days hiring period and 10 days plus can be charged at USD 180 per day.