My Journey as a Story Teller, a Ugandan YouTuber


You see, I’ve always loved stories. Stories that have the ability to turn things around. Stories that can put a smile across a face. Those that evoke empathy and sympathy. Heck, stories that are too powerful they can cause a whirlwind and transform society. And, stories that can turn the nation upside down and start a revolution.

As I grew older, I realised that I also enjoyed being a part of discussions. Discussions have the power to alter perspectives, the power to teach and give you a chance to be heard.

So, with that background you see why I leapt for joy when an opportunity arose for me to get in front of the camera back in 2014. Plus, I knew for sure that I loved the camera as much as it loved me. Yet, five years later after working as a news anchor/show host on Record TV, I was up for a new challenge.

In 2019, I returned to my first love-the camera. This time, on YouTube. YouTube grants one freedom of expression without limit. I wanted my channel to serve as a platform for my advocacy campaign for People with Albinism (PWAs). I had a real plan.

Prior to that decision, my YouTube channel had laid dormant since 2012. When I first signed up, it existed as an archive for my news bulletins and presentations. Now, it had an additional newly-minted purpose. Body flex with Blessing (BFwB) was born.

I partnered with a renowned and notable gym (Marco’s Gym & Spa) to encourage people to get onto that fitness journey that they had been reluctant about. Body flex with Blessing is a safe space for people to confront their fitness demons head-on.

We cover a wide range of people from beginners to procrastinators all the way to those that had fully given up. This series has garnered quite a following and it is safe to assume that it is because majority of us have a space in one of those groups.

While BFwB grew steadily, my audience demanded more – they wanted to hear more stories. Cue: Story time with Blessing.

Story Time with Blessing is a series of stories that capture the ebb and flow of life. This segment is dear to my heart because it comprises raw, unscripted and unfiltered stories ranging from human interest stories to lifestyle-related content etcetera. You would have to check my channel out to fully understand.

One of the things I have come to love about YouTube is the sense of community that it affords; you grow attached to your audience and push yourself to keep innovating – stretching your would-be canvas, all the while (journeying, together with your audience) towards self-discovery.

On a parting note, I would like to thank everyone that has taken time to watch my videos and to subscribe especially in Uganda where the cost of internet can be prohibitive. If you have not come across my channel yet but would like to support me, follow this link;

I would also like to encourage more young people to occupy the digital space and use the platform to give themselves a voice, and to speak change to causes they are passionate about.

YouTube, like any other platform requires time and effort for one to grow. There’s no such thing as overnight success.  So, pro tip? Figure out your niche, grab your smart phone, figure out the direction of your natural light and start creating.

As told by Blessing Naturinda (Digital Creator/Story Teller)