Before you were, Uganda was #Ugandadecides


As elections draw close, anxiety has set in. Rumors of war and conflict are flying around.

Uganda has a rich history, Uganda is endowed with natural resources; lakes, rivers, soils enviable, fruits drop from trees, Uganda has given birth to great men and women, this is a season of innovation with young people working to create solutions to our challenges in all ways possible.

She has been called the Pearl of Africa and we all agree. Some think that this is cliche but If you have ever seen a real pearl, no matter how much you trample on a pearl, she doesn’t lose her beauty.

Isn’t it a shame that the beholder of the pearl is the same one that tramples on it?

Since independence, this country is yet to see a peaceful transition of power; greed and power struggles have been the motivation.

Ask anyone that has visited Uganda; they will tell you about the warmth, the free-spiritedness, and the civility of Ugandans.

We cannot afford to have this trampled upon by short-term gains. If we for a moment take eyes off today and think about the future as we as we build, care for our environment, and choose leaders. This is how great nations are built. we cannot afford to loose any precious Ugandan that is full hopes and aspirations in senseless strife.

Before you were, Uganda was. We can guarantee that everyone reading this story will not be here 100 years from now.

What will the history books say about this generation?

Uganda was given to us. What have we given to Uganda?