The Sweet Rains


Remember the sweet old days,

When the dark clouds crowded and we

With our dark shrewd but happy faces

Looked up to the sky and started chanting,

The sweet words of s song I know too well.

It was a cinch because we wanted to play and it wanted to rain,

And we were cert that the heavens could hear our chants,

Of, “rain rain go away, come back another day.”

And with an unforgettable chumminess, we sang in unison.

“Rain rain go away, come back another day…”

As we gazed at the sky our eyes were full of hope.

The tyke we were, playful and happy for the rain came,

Beating down on the roofs in a thingummy beat.

Because the clouds pretended not to hear our cry,

Drip drop by drip drop, they came tumbling down from high above,

The dust was raised and the ground wet,

As we were softly tucked into our beds for the afternoon nap.

The rains brought about joy inexplicable,

The cool breeze that swept across our faces,

Massaging the wrinkles of youth that had started to form,

As we played in the rain against our parent’s will.