Meet the youth connecting Ugandans worldwide through SnapChat.


Before, they started showcasing different Ugandans in the diaspora and back at home, we only met most of these folks on Instagram and Facebook- we didn’t really know what their day was like, the things that made them happy. We judged them thinking they didn’t love Uganda (home) but after Code256 and their baby, “Ugandans on SnapChat,” we now know better.

This Is Uganda caught up with Levie Davis one of the awesome youths behind “Ugandans on SnapChat”;

What inspired the start of Ugandans on Snapchat?

What inspired us was the fact that we (in the Diaspora) were actually missing home and that made us want to connect with friends and family back in Uganda… And snap chat is the best platform to do so.

Is this a case of patriotism?

Yes it is a big case of patriotism because we feel being away from Uganda doesn’t detach us from our country but should rather bring us all together regardless of where we are.

How do you vet who hosts the show on Code256?

We don’t really vet anyone according to anything because we want to give everyone a chance to take us through their daily lives and day-to-day activities.

What is the goal behind Code256 “Ugandans on Snapchat”?

Our goal is to connect many people; mainly Ugandans from all over the world so that it doesn’t feel like someone has to wait till summer or December to see them. Now, it’s easier for anyone to ask any host anything they would like to  know. I believe it also builds connections to some people who would want to know more about different places and different people.

Where do you envision Code256 in 3 years?

In the next three years, we think Code256 will be quite more informative and bigger a platform not only on snapchat since we will probably be done with the campus. We hope to portray that Ugandans should not feel inferior or shy about themselves and they should know that they represent something substantial!! #Ugsnapper ✊🏿

The ‘Ugandans on SnapChat’ team;

  1. Levie Davis am studying in South Africa
  2. Ainomigisha Alex is studying in China
  3. Theo Esther in flying school in South Africa
  4. Joseph Maloba  in Uganda
  5. Linah Nanziri in Uganda

You too can join the trend and follow the awesome stories told by Ugandans all around the world by adding @code256-ug on Snapchat or Twitter.