He is Riding a Bike From Gulu to Kampala for Rugby


“As the rainy season sets in, a crazy man yesterday set off on a ride from Gulu to Kampala to raise awareness (and funds) for Gulu Elephants Rugby Club. On a bicycle that looks like it was nicked right off the set of Sound of Music, Ogwang Ocheng Humphrey, breaks a rugby leg, bursts a rugby sweat, tortures a rugby bum bum for a sport he absolutely loves. Last night found him in Bweyale, after over 100km.”- Herbert Drywood Opio wrote on his Facebook Timeline

And this immediately caught my eye. So I checked out the “crazy man’s” Facebook timeline to get a brief of how and when he set off. This is what I found;

used with permission

used with permission

“For the hope of rugby development in northern Uganda and the completion of our rugby club structure in Gulu, I dedicate this 400 km ride to this cause come Monday 23rd. Help” Ogwang Ocheng Humphrey wrote on his facebook Timeline “bike check, helmet check, training check, stressed family check, sperm bank check, pocket money check, weapon check, all ready a few hours before I hit Gulu Kampala road. thank you all for the support” Again He wrote “Setting off” at 6:04am

Ogwang Ocheng Humphrey is now one of those unsung heroes we have in our Country Uganda, instead of sitting back, he got on his bike and set out to make a difference, he didn’t call for a strike nor did he simply scream “Gavumenti etuyambe” He acted, and as he continues his journey to Kampala, This is Uganda wishes him a safe blessed journey. Meanwhile we all can go show him some love on his social media page.

Ogwang Ocheng H... Used with permission

Ogwang Ocheng H… Used with permission



Hero in the making

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