Car Rental Road Assistance on Self-drive in Uganda

Car Rental in Uganda

After have reserved your Uganda car rental it’s over from there, a lot you need from your rental company. So from the time of your rental to the pickup of the vehicle driving and drop off you need to remain in contact with your handler. Always when had a car rental for a self-drive, keep in mind to drive around with immediate contact number.

There are many occasion when you need road assistance, and with the rental policy before any road assistance should be acquired, the agency has the responsibility to offer the service. It’s easier to you to get any road assistance across the country, but strangers and local can use this time to exploit you by overcharging and even robbing you in the name of assistance.

Whys should always have a road assistance contact when on a self-drive?

Car rental agencies have contact person across the country and they can recommend these persons to fix anything with the vehicle. The car rental are always kept in a perfect mechanical situation before they’re given out. However, any moving vehicle can get mechanical breakdown and uncertainty challenge and you want to continue with your journey.

We believe that there is nothing which can keep your trip hold no matter what. Should you have any road challenge, then contact your agency for the way forward. Make it a point that whatever happens wrong along the drive with car rental, before continuing should consider first contact your rental agency.

The best way is using a call away number of sending the WhatsApp message. This is as well agreed upon with the rental agreements and it’s for solving road uncertainties.

When do you need the on road car rental assistance services?

When fell into traps of these following, don’t hesitate from contacting for help to ensure that you trip keeps moving.

  • Accidents

In case of any accident and the Vehicle is involved in an accident, is damaged, breaks down or requires repair regardless of cause, you must notify rental agency or handler about the full circumstances immediately.  Then you must not arrange or undertake any repairs or leave the scene of accident before police inspection or without the Operator’s authority. When the vehicle requires repair or replacement, the immediate contact must arrange repairs to the vehicle or arrange a replacement vehicle within a reasonable time frame (24hours), provided that the operator will not be required to repair or replace the vehicle if it was damaged while being operated in a manner which breaches this agreement.

  • Mechanical breakdown

When the vehicle gets a mechanical breakdown, or anything is not functioning well with the vehicle. Let’s the A/C, there is a challenge with breakers, stirring or any mechanical technicality. First contact your road assistance contact and inform about the challenge, some of the challenges are just technical and when communicated can be solved from there and then. But for the case of mechanical breakdown, and you a mechanic, car rental operators always have their own mechanics across the country and it’s just a call away when they have reached you. Don’t arrange any mechanical repair please, contact and get helped.

  • Direction

Sometimes it’s very difficult that you get lost with direction finding and the communication is very poor with the local people. Sometimes the network and online path finders are perfect and giving you wrong directions. Your road assistance though might seem not to be close, but can find a way to help you getting to the right track of driving.

  • Any traffic claims

Road traffic is very disturbing especially with traffic officers who sometimes will stop your car rental and make you responsible for all the faults like receipts with the vehicle. You’re not responsible for solving these challenges, and just get in contacting with your operator to shot this out and let you continue with your drive.

  • You want to make an extension with the rental

You have hired the vehicle for a specified period and during the course of the trip you fill like extending the period of your rental. There is no need to return back, just a message away and continue with your rental drive. Don’t make any extension without notifying your rental agency, there you’re attracting penalties.

  • Car Rental Replacement

In case of mechanical breakdown and the vehicle can’t be repaired in the shortest time to continue on your journey. Then you contact your operator to provide replacement of the car to ensure your trip doesn’t stop. However, for car replacement the rental handler/operator is responsible for the fuel to drop the replacement car and then you also provide the fuel to return the breakdown car. It’s a win-win situation, but the car replacement is processed on within a period of 24 hours from the time the car has been investigated and it can’t be fixed in the shortest time to allow you catch up with your trip.