5 Amazing Stopovers & Attractions for Tourists in Uganda

Road Trip in Uganda

Many tourists to Uganda book safaris with a few main areas of interest and some can be only experienced with safari stop overs depending on the location and convenience. However, Uganda is one of the beautiful countries in Africa with meaning full safari stops especially for travellers on gorilla safaris and wildlife safaris in national parks. The most famous trip stops include the Uganda Equator, Igongo cultural Museum, Mbarara town and much more that are normally made on day one of your trip on on the last day on the drive back to the start point or agreed point for a drop off.

You may be wondering, how about mother nature calls, are they not made, yes and its another reason for multiple stop especially long drives and transfers. Always feel free to inform your driver in case mother nature calls. All Uganda tour guides are knowledgeable normally get out of their way to fulfill all the requests of the tourists. Once you take a safari in Uganda, your driver guide should be one of first true friends in the country and by so doing you trip will be just awesome

1.The Uganda Equator

This incredible place is found in Kayabwe, Mpigi District. This attraction is located along Masaka Road, in a distance of about 73 kilometers from Kampala the capital city of Uganda. This an interesting area not missed while travelling to the western region a home to most of Uganda’s national parks and attractions. At the Uganda Equator you will see  a line drawn in the middle of the street. And with a monument on both sides that state “Uganda Equator“. Imagine seeing to halves of the world and its feels great to stand and put one feet in the northern hemisphere with the other in the southern hemisphere. You will not find this feeling unless if you make a stop at the Uganda Equator and see it happen.Make it a point to be at the Equator any time soon on your visit to the beautiful country Uganda also known as the Pearl of Africa.

2. Igongo Cultural Museum

Far from allowing the effort of modernization to encroach on culture and tradition, Igongo cultural Museum is located in a 4 hour drive distance from Kampala city and only 12 kilometers from Mbarara town. This Ankole Museum displays the best museum features of the western culture something you have not to miss out during your safari in Uganda. This Museum is set on the ground of former palace of Ankole king and a visit to this place takes close to traditions and life style of the Ankole people.This Museum has gained international fame in the Uganda tourism and its also a great place to have a lunch break and taste the locally cooked delicious meals in Uganda a great experience to give a try  during your stay in Uganda.This is also a good place to relax and chill before proceeding to any destination of interest in western Uganda.

3. Mbarara Town

This is one of the fast growing towns in western Uganda and is another tourism point surounded by multiple tourist attractions including Lake Mburo National Park just close to Mbarara town turns out to be one of most famous attractions as wells ,Igongo Cultural center until now which has dominant regional museum where the past meet the future,Ankole Long Horned Cattle, Kinyankole Culture and much more worth checking out.The town is well developed with lots of hotels, restaurantes , tarmac roads andmany other travel facilities that keep you comfortable in the new place.The people of Mabara are known for their rich culture and lifestyle that their traditional wear known as kinyankole is very elegant to try on any occasion or traditional function.

4. Kampala City

If you are travelling to Uganda  for a safari make sure you spend anight in Kampala and explore the wonderful capital city and if possible would suggest two nights one before the safari and another after.Its amazing to discover the best attractions in Kampala city on a breif city tour within the city center and experience the life of business people in Kampala, night life and much more.

5. The Great Lakes Museum

This is located at Kabale in Western Uganda. This is a great place to take a coffee and learn about the culture of Ugandans. The art pieces display the lifestyle of Uganda highlighting the traditions and culture!