Car Rental Tips And Vacation Destinations For First Time Travelers In Uganda

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Visiting Uganda for the first time can be overwhelming as you have a lot to put together to achieve a successful road trip. Achieving a successful safari holiday in a destination such as Uganda involves finding a means of transportation and car hire services have proven to be the easiest, safest, and most affordable options for travelers to connect to their tourist sites on Uganda safaris.

Renting a car in Uganda and embarking on a road trip to your destination comes with its own benefits and disadvantages. When hiring a car in Uganda for the first time or second time, requires some keenness and this article brings to you a list of tips to guide plan a successful road trip while also saving a lot on your vacation –self-drive or guided tours.

Car rental tips and vacation destinations for first-time travelers in Uganda

Book your car rental in advance

If you want to save on the car hire cost, then consider hiring a car in Uganda is advance. Do not wait till the last minute when your trip is starting and start running around looking for a car to use for your road trip. Get in touch with our reservation early enough and have your rental car booked in advance. Booking a car rental should be done at least 2-3 months before the actual date of visiting Uganda for a vacation.

Don’t confine yourself to rental cars at the airport

Hiring a car at the airport may cost you much compared to if you did it with a car rental company outside the airport. Airport car hire service providers do incur surcharges, which are likely to be paid by clients. When you book a rental car or a trip with a car rental company or tour operator outside Entebbe International Airport (EBB), you can even be picked up and dropped off at your hotel in Entebbe City or Kampala at no cost.

Carryout thorough check on the vehicle

Before you hit the road using any rental car, first, you must be certain that the car you are going to use doesn’t have damages. Any issues concerning dents, scratches, bumps and others must be critically checked and taken note of. They should also be reported to the operator to avoid incurring a cost afterward when you aren’t the one who caused them. You can even take pictures and share them with the car hire agency you might have rented a car from.

Rent a car that is insured

Do not rent a car in Uganda without knowledge that it is insured. Insurance policies are observed and when renting a car, inquire from the car hire agency you plan to rent the car from if their vehicles are insured. Choose a company whose rental cars are under comprehensive insurance.

Compare car hire prices

Have adequate time to research the different rates for car hire and make comparisons before you consider dealing with any. Different car rental agencies set different prices for their vehicle and rates differ from one company to another. Comparing different agencies’ car rental services and rates will help you narrow down the best that you can deal with.

Hire a car from a reliable & reputable company

Hundreds of car hire service providers exist all over Kampala and across other cities in Uganda. Consider dealing with a reputable company, recognized in the sense that it is registered by the government and you can also check through the sites, and read through reviews to have an idea of what other travelers have said about the same company you plan to deal with.

Best places to visit in Uganda

If you are visiting Uganda for the first time, then here are some of the must-visit places;