An adult female gorilla in the Ruhija gorilla sector in Bwindi impenetrable national park gave birth to a healthy baby gorilla on Valentine’s (14th February 2023). The adult gorilla Tomvi (baby mama) is found in the Mukiza gorilla family led by Mukiza as the dominant silverback.

According to Uganda wildlife authority (UWA) the agency responsible for the conservation of all protected areas, the field team officers have been trying to get and see the baby but it’s being tightly guarded by the father and the mother. The newborn in the family of Mukiza gorilla family has increased the number of individuals in the family to 19 UWA officials said.

They further attributed the little bundle of joy to the active, curious, and effort of many years of successful conservation. We as explore Uganda tours we applaud Uganda wildlife authority for its continued tireless efforts of conservation to see that these already endangered species of apes don’t go extinct. Both the baby and mother are in good health so this is the breakdown of the Mukiza gorilla family in the Ruhija gorilla sector northern part of Bwindi impenetrable national park. 1 male silverback called Mukiza, 6 female adults, 3 sub-adults 3 juveniles, and 4 infants.