10 Uganda Travel Bloggers to Follow on Instagram


From cuisines to lodges, wildlife, wide landscapes and glimpse into everyday life in the vibrant Kampala and remote villages, these Ugandans on Instagram are showing that Uganda offers much more than the safaris it has become synonymous with. This new draw card driven by citizens is seductively causing people to want for more of the people and places, providing the taster that will tempt further exploration into the areas so honestly showcased.

Here are the accounts by Ugandans that you should be following that will make you fall in love with our motherland and her beauty in no particular order;

1. Timothy Latim (@t_latim). “A mountain goat” as his Instagram bio says, Timothy is a member of the Mountain Slayers, a group of individuals promoting Uganda through showcasing Uganda’s beauty from mountains and hills. His personal account rotates around life in those places.

Want to know Uganda through its mountains? Follow Timothy on Instagram (Photo credit: Timothy Latim)

2. Karen Kana (@Chocolaty_prints). This is one of the most beautiful Ugandan travel accounts you will ever follow on Instagram. The pictures are very high resolution and chances are very high you might encounter a lodge, place or people you have never known in Uganda (and Rwanda).

Karen is one of the most influential travel bloggers we have in the country. (Photo credit: Karen Kana)

3. Theo Vos (@theovos). Theo is the Dutch-Ugandan behind Discover Karamoja and Kara-Tunga Tours and Travels which are positively changing the image of Karamoja. His personal Instagram account is dedicated to capturing lives of everyday people in the Karamoja sub-region as well as it’s beauty.

Theo Vos’s Instagram page gives the most authentic perspective about Karamoja they don’t show you on TV. (Photo credit: Theo Vos)

4. Fay Kai (@Khukyenda), Fay is one Instagrammer who can never miss jotting down any travel experience that she gets. What makes her more tick, is that she runs an online shop that sells travel t shirts and 20% of the sales go to charity.

Want to know to how have the best out of travel on a limited budget? First stop here and visit Fay’s Instagram. (Photo credit: Fay Kai)

5. Arnold Mugasha (@shotbymu). Arguably one of the emerging and best aerial photographer in the country, Arnold’s drone images are reinventing the way Uganda is being looked at. His Instagram accounts is filled with beautiful photos about Uganda from a whole new perspective.

We talked about how Arnold is one of the best aerial photographers in the country. If you haven’t visited his Instagram yet, this is your last chance (Photo credit: Arnold Mugasha)

6. Kreativ Adikt (@kreativ_adikt). Part of the #KoiKoiUG team, Kreativ Adikt is one of the photographers who are just natural with the camera. The simplicity yet professional touch he puts into his work, makes him an excellent visual storyteller in his own league.

Kreativ Adikt’s page is by far one of the most beautiful pages that will make you fall in love with Uganda’s beauty (Photo credit: Kreativ Adikt)

7. @vscouganda. This account merges everyday life and tourism by focusing on people in some of the top tourist destinations in the country. Check it out below on Instagram.

Count on this page to give a shout out to other travel bloggers. (Photo credit: vscouganda)

8. Sophie Musoki (@akitcheninuganda). This account is featured here because it is a ffusion of cooking and lifestyle account by a Ugandan in Uganda. It is dedicated to showcasing the different cuisines in Uganda that you are most likely to encounter in travel experiences across the country.

Sophie Musoki has proved to be the number one blogger who is dedicated to showcasing Uganda’s cuisines with a touch of modernity. This is the only blog you will find that will make you fall in love with Ugandan food everywhere you will travel. (Photo credit: Sophie Musoki)

9. Charlotte “Nagawa” (@Charliebeau_diary_of_a_muzungu). Charlotte is among the pioneers of Ugandan digital tourism promoters. Besides Instagram, her blog; muzungubloguganda.com, is one of the most followed blogs dedicated to Ugandan (and East African) travel.

“Nagawa” is one person who will make you fall in love with Uganda at first sight even if you’re a Ugandan. (Photo credit: Charlotte)

10. Olive Nakiyemba. (@Oleebranch) is a wonderful plotter of adventures going by her Instagram account. Her account is predominantly about her different adventures across the country.

Ready to discover a new place in Uganda that you didn’t know? Olive will make you find. (Photo credit: Olive Nakiyemba)

NOTE: This collection focuses on individual travel bloggers. We are still compiling a list of travel agencies (and authorities), and photographers who focus on portraits and typical everyday life not necessarily travel. These will ran within the course of the next two weeks.