The World’s Smallest Church is in Uganda

Biku Church in Nebbi

Nested on top of Biku Hill within Nebbi district in North-western Uganda dwells the outstanding wonder like never encountered before in Uganda. This magical attraction is the World’s smallest Church that stands at a height of 8 feet and width of about 2.5 meters. This mind-blowing attraction is not only known for its beauty but its exceptionalism because in normal circumstances, churches accommodate more than 100 people but this wonderful small church accommodates only three people that include two congregation members and a priest. It is widely known by the locals for its healing powers which is why most people always dream and strive to climb the Biku Hill in a lifetime.

It is believed to have existed from 1996 when a Korean Pastor known as “Song” in partnership with the retired Archbishop of Church of Uganda-His Lordship Henry Luke Orombi constructed this jaw-dropping structure which has in the past years drawn several locals and tourists to Nebbi in Northern Uganda. This Church was established with an aim of spiritual healing for the locals and indeed the church allows people to encounter God in a special way. There are currently nine prayer points on Biku Hill that enable the people to praise, pray and meditate on the word of God.

Biku Cross

The first prayer point is found on top of the Hill and has a very big cross, the second point is just opposite the first prayer point and is a Lilliputian structure built in honor of the Lord Jesus Christ and has 12 windows in the western and eastern side that depicts the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ and is exactly where the Pilgrims always pray for several things most importantly for the neighboring countries like Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, South Sudan and Rwanda for spiritual and physical peace and revival.

Prayer point number two rewards tourists with the eye-popping panoramic views of the fascinating Namrwodho waterfalls which is known to be a habitat to the elusive shoebill stork that doesn’t miss in the must-see list of birds on a Ugandan Safari.

The third prayer point is established in the Map of Africa and has two magnificent entrances.  It also has ten windows that show the Ten Commandments in the Old Testament of the Bible.  This Prayer point was dedicated for praying for all the African countries, mostly the African countries.

Biku's Smallest Church

Prayer point four, five and six are positioned with a large serene garden, with prayer point number four crafted in a format of a Heart showing the Love of Jesus Christ with a cross made of thirty three stone showing the 33 years of Jesus Christ. Prayer point five is a shape of an arrow head that shows the energetic youth speed whereas prayer point 6 features 66 windows that signify the 66 books of the Bible, and 39 of the windows are at the back because they show the 39 books of the Old Testament while the 27 windows show the 27 books in the New Testament. The Point features three wonderful doors crafted in a structure of a man standing that shows people who are well equipped with the Word of God. Prayer point six was made in the shape of al alter which depicts the living testimony that the church is a living offering to the mission of Jesus Christ whereas the rough stones on the cross show that  Christians are living stones.

Prayer point seven is a round structure that is shaped in form of a globe and is found at the back of the towering rock with an open-ended Cave at its bottom of which one is supposed to crawl from one end to another to have a glimpse at the suffering that Jesus Christ endured and tourists who visit the site have to crawl for five minutes through the dark mysterious cave.

Prayer point number eight is the most spectacular because contains the World’s smallest Church-known as the Bethel Church that has twelve (12) windows at the entrance depicting the 12 stones found on Aaron’s breastplate that is the twelve tribes of all saints. The ceiling of the Church has seven beams that show the seven rainbow colors that demonstrate the covenant of God-never to destroy the World with floods after the time of Noah and the eastern window rewards tourists with the views of the Cross that is positioned on the highest Peak on prayer point one. This view offers the visiting Christians with a chance to always look up to Christ Jesus. Regardless of the detail and beautiful appearance, it took only 79 bags of Cement and was built with an intention of lasting more than five Centuries before the foundation is weakened.

The last remaining opposite point was made in the shape of a womb along with the prime chapel that is large enough to accommodate over 400 pilgrims hence you will relish a breathtaking encounter during a safari in Uganda.