Uganda – Let’s make love


let’s make love and not a war for we shall lose our identity and original purpose if we choose not!

the safety of our children shall be denied and they shall pay for our misfortunes

Let’s make love and not war and beseech the beauty that springs from the depth of our hearts

that that we are at times shy to speak about lets man up and hide our shy and make some beautiful love.

Let’s sit at the table in the lovely morning and inhale the scents of the flowers as we forgive ourselves

upon the misfortunes that befell us in the night and earlier hours lets sit and make love for the peace

of these our beautiful children that know not our journies darling,

you may be a bit shy little and afraid of the history we both share and thinking

we should play by what has always been but let’s break the rules and make love my darling.

Let’s stare into each other’s eyes with pride and love Darling,

I know you broke a few more promises and I would be feeling like printing a finger but truth be told,

I was a bit unfaithful too and that baby,

I know you know so I am humbly saying sorry for the better and peace of our children Darling, let’s make love and not war!

Baby, when the sun fails to rise the next morning,

and the darkness is still on our courtyard Let’s make love and not war

birds may build nests atop our mansion;

this beautiful masterpiece whose bricks we sweat

let’s make love and not war darling,

when this sun fails to set and the daylight stays on us for the first time

and the beautiful darkness hides from us that our minds depart

and ideas collide like in a debate let’s make love my dearest! Let’s make love and not war!