Speechless Mabira


My dog doesn’t bark and doesn’t bite!

Why doesn’t my dog bark?

Big as it is…well bred and fed,

trained right from a tender age.

My dog doesn’t bark!

I have fed it bones and meat;

not forgetting the crispy mukene

mixed in the builder’s favourite: posho

but it still doesn’t bark.

My dog: a strong dog,

well bred and body built

and with a stature of a jaguar ready to pounce,

neither barks and nor bites but only stares.

It goes into hiding as soon as it sees you!

It reminds me of the great Monalisa painting;

the artist had tried all his best in vain

to make the artistic impressions;

but his monalisa did not smile!

With questions and doubts;

he would be puzzled,

and now I’m asking;

why doesn’t my dog bark?

With bone in it’s foes

my dog doesn’t bite and doesn’t bark!

-of what use is it anyway?

Shall it not bark for the speechless mabira?

When the 1986 beasts fought, they hid in the bushes of Luwero,

Shall you not have where to hide, when you run out of Kampala to the East?

Oh, maybe-just maybe it is waiting for the days when there won’t be

any rain water for it to leak?

Oh, yes, may be that may make sense in its case

Cause thirst and pain by then will be its case!