Top 3 Sought After 4×4 Rental Cars in Uganda

Road Tripping Uganda

Does every one hiring a vehicle in Uganda require a 4×4 vehicle? The answer is a no, it depends on the season you’re hiring the car, whether dry or rainy and also the destination you’re heading to.

It is better to first seek advice before hiring a vehicle in Uganda. If you’re heading to up country like national parks, a 4×4 vehicle is a good choice but if you’re going to be within Kampala city a 4×4 vehicle may not be so necessary. And also during rainy seasons a 4×4 vehicle is needed due to the muddy roads in Uganda.

Most car rental companies have all types of vehicles a traveler may wish to hire, their fleets are full of all sorts of vehicle such as the 4×4 vehicles and 4×2 vehicles. And recently, road trips are becoming popular in Uganda due to the presence of a wide variety of attractions and features that include 10 national parks, 11 wildlife reserves, fresh water bodies, ice caped mountains, crater lakes and many others making Uganda one of the best road trip destination in Africa.

Some travelers are now choosing to drive their own adventures by hiring 4×4 vehicles in Uganda and this has led to the coming up of many self-drive car hire companies in Uganda.

Following are the 3 sought after 4×4 rental cars in Uganda;-

  1. Toyota land cruisers
    These are one of the most 4×4 cars hired in Uganda and these category includes cars such as Prado TZ, TX, GX and 3 Liter Turbo. These vehicles carry up to 5 people including the driver and they are hired at 70-90 USD per day without driver’s allowance and fuel. However, a discount can be granted to the traveler who hires it for long period as well as during the low season.
  2. The Toyota RAV4
    This is another 4×4 vehicle hired in Uganda. There are two types of RAV4, one which is 4×2 and the 4×4, so it is better to tell your rental company the specific RAV4 you need. And it is available in manual and automatic transmission and either mini or long RAV4 and still performs great regardless of the weather.
    The RAV4 has an extremely low maintenance costs and has excellent fuel mileage. And the good thing with a RAV4, when the back seats are folded down, it can offer a cargo volume of vehicles twice its size. It carries 4 people including the driver and can be hired from as low as 50 USD per day.
  3. Safari Van
    This is one of the suitable, comfortable and better for large groups and family vacations. They can accommodate people up to 7 but the space for luggage largely depends on the number of people and the number of days you’re spending on a trip.
    For instance, if you’re taking a long safari, you will carry more luggage compared to when going for shorter trips. And the 4×4 super customs are available in both automatic and manual transmission and some come with a pop-up roof while others with a sun roof.

The other 4×4 sought after vehicles in Uganda include the mini vans, coasters, Toyota Land cruiser jeeps, GX, VX, etc. And all these vehicles are available for hire either without or with a driver depending on your choice. Drivers are available for the first time travelers who can’t drive or not used to driving in Uganda’s traffic and not familiar with Uganda’s terrain.