Advice to Make Car Rental Easy


Hiring a car can be a daunting and distressful experience. If it’s your first time renting a car for a Uganda safari. Below are some of the tips which can make your experience simpler.

Tips for saving money:

Hire a car online, many car rental agencies are found on the internet and have specials offers

Reserve the vehicle for a long period like 2 weeks to 1 month to stand a chance of getting a discount.

Most car rentals stipulate returning the vehicle with a quarter of a tank. Ensure to abide by this policy to avoid paying a premium fee in the name of equating to the quarter tank you should have left upon returning. Do it yourself, you will save some cash.

How are you going to handle insurance?

In most instances, car rental providers offer comprehensive insurance on their cars. This kind of insurance covers theft, third-party, and collision damage waiver.  Beyond that, the client is liable for damages that may occur on the car, for example, lone accidents, car rollovers, minor scratches, etc.

Therefore, for the client to be fully protected against any damages, they are requested to pay excessive insurance fees which depend on the type of the rental car. The rental operator will try to sell you this kind of insurance coverage which is normally so expensive.

If you have another alternative such as your credit card covering car rental, you are advised to go for that. Inform your credit card operator to activate your car rental insurance so that you can get protected against the damages not covered in the comprehensive insurance offered by the vehicle hire company.

Extra advice

You are unlucky that the rental car you are trying to book is unavailable, looked elsewhere but all in vain? This could be a risky trick, but it is also a chance to exhibit your haggling skills. Go for an upgrade and request it at a reduced price. Wanting a Toyota rav4 and you end up with a land cruiser at just 55$ per day would the greatest bargain of the century.

Ensure that operator has road assistance to come to your rescue in case of a car breakdown in the course of your trip. Emergency numbers should be given to you to call when an issue arises.

The hotline is additionally important in other situations like you have left your belonging at a certain point, you call simply call the operator to help you out to deliver them to where you may be at the time.

Endeavor to carry a credit card with you, your dollars must be faulted like having some markings or with an old year mint that is not accepted in Uganda.  You can surely use a credit card as a substitute payment mode.