Olee Uganda: Lary Chary in Praise of His Country


Undeniebly Uganda is gifted by nature, by beauty and by talent. And  as you have probably heard many times, Sir. WInston Church Hilll was awed by her beauty and named her the pearl of Africa. Yes she carries scars but a rose by any name is a rose.  Larry Chary  a young Ugandan has no doubt about this.  He sings about Uganda with  with so much pride and admiration.

Yes, sometimes there is madness around him, but Lary Chary reveals his love or his country in his song Olee Uganda.  One of the best songs that depicts the joy, love, happiness and unity of Ugandans expressed in the diverse cultures of her different beautiful people across  Uganda.

This song does not only speak about Uganda’s beauty but provokes patriotism and admiration for Uganda. The message and the beats, are the heartbeat of Uganda’s culture, that shows off well deserved heritage and tradition of Uganda past and present.

A song I sing with pride… dedicated to all the heroes who have risen over the generations to make Uganda a great nation