How to Book a Rental Car for Uganda Vacation


Are you looking for that one exceptional, durable, and affordable and the most comfortable car hire deal in Uganda and you do not know where to find it or perhaps you are wondering how can i rent a car in Uganda? Well, if this is what you have always searched for then it is high time you meet your dream.

Depending on what your travel interest is at the destination whether you are planning for a vacation or a business trip our fleet of car hire is readily available at a pocket-friendly price, convenient and suitable to navigate through Uganda’s remotest routes where most of the safari destinations are found? Usually, if it is your first time to do something, you feel worried and the same thing happens with car rental-first, you start developing worries of the process, what is needed and documents.

However, we have come up with a guide on how you will book your car of choice for your vacation in Uganda.

Choose your pick up location and dates in the booking form

If you want to rent a car in Uganda online, you need to specify which town and branch you want to pick up and drop off your vehicle. Enter the exact date and time you want to get the car. While you can rent a car in Uganda, you also need to cross check with prices. However, our prices are competitive for all airport rental locations. Check your preferences as well as discounts, promotion offers and other that you may become a beneficiary. On your search, you will definitely get the list of available car hire from various car rental companies in Uganda and you won’t rent all, but your preference only.

Select the right car rental depending on your trip

A fact that there are various car rentals for you to make your choice, you won’t be left out of choice. Whether you are traveling as a couple for a city tour we have a wide range of compact saloon cars that will suit to your travel plans. Interestingly, our statistics can be shown for each vehicle and this includes its capacity and transmission. You can simply Google them out.

Choose the pre-paid rate or pay when you are picking it up

In case you are paying directly via online, then you stand to be part of the many benefits that we have in offer most of which include greater mileage and insurance packages. Our prices are within visitors’ pocket range and you will choose the ideal means of payment that is comfortable with you and recommended by the company.

Select any optional add-ons or additional services you need

Based on your tour is all about and group requirements, you will need some extras for your vehicle, additional driver, baby seats and the extra services which may be of help include insurance cover and mileage packages.

Fill the contact details

Your contact details must be filled to help us ascertain who the driver is. Other personal details must also be filled for instance your name, home address. If you want to pay online, you will need to fill out your payment details. All the information for car hire will be reflected to help cross check if all is correct.

Complete the booking process

Once you have finished with your process, make sure that you get a copy of the invoice through email. After this, you will then just wait for the actual day to pick up your car. In case of cancellation or adjacent, you will have to visit our online portal and login or enter your reservation number plus security code.

Pick up your car hire with your identification documents

Once you have accomplished with the whole process, the next step is now for you to go and pick up your car at our station and staff are very welcoming.


When is the best time to book a rental car?

One of the main questions people ask when trying to find the best deal on a rental car is about the best time to book. Does the day of the week make a difference in getting a cheap rental car? Is it better to book weeks in advance or does it not make a huge difference? When do car rental prices drop? These are all important things to wonder, and the answers may surprise you.

Why prices fluctuate

The first thing to keep in mind is that rental car prices change a lot, and there are a number of factors that determine the price on any given day. Prices can fluctuate because of the season, a particular holiday, the car category, the rental company and timing, just to name a few. In general, rental companies want to rent out as many cars as possible, just like hotels want to rent out as many rooms as possible. They’ll price cars competitively to increase demand, but when demand is high, they may raise prices to capitalize on it. Keep in mind that the base price is the most likely thing to change. All of the additional elements of the rental, from young driver fees to baby seats to ski racks, will stay the same price regardless of the timing. This background information will help explain how far in advance you should book your rental car.

When it’s best to book in advance

If you know you’ll be renting during a busy period when prices are likely to be the highest, it pays to book as much as six to twelve months in advance. If you’re traveling with a big group or with kids, and you’ll need a minibus, a large van and extra amenities, you should start your search early.

The best strategy is to shop around and compare online before committing to any single deal. Once you’re familiar with the price range for your itinerary, decide on a target price or the highest price you’d be willing to pay. When you find a deal that you’re happy with, just book it. If you have free cancellation, you can always cancel that booking and spring for a cheaper deal when you see one. It’s better to have booked a car for a reasonable price than wait until the very last minute and risk missing out on an equally good deal, or learning the rental company ran out of inventory.

When it’s ok to book “last minute”

If you know you’ll be renting during a less busy period or you’re flexible with your dates, it’s acceptable to book closer to your rental date. If you’re traveling alone, with your partner, or in a small group, and you don’t have any special requirements, you can leave it a little late. Common car types are the most available so prices may not change that much. With that said, prices may rise during the final 48 hours so don’t leave it until the literal last minute! One last thing to look out for when booking late is seasonal promotions that get emailed to mailing list subscribers.

In conclusion, with the above steps, we believe that you will get the best car rental deal in Uganda and your vacation will be memorable. To help you realize your dream in this beautiful nation, simply contact us or email us and we shall help you find that dream car for your holiday.