8 Natural Attractions Not to Miss in Uganda

Sezibwa Falls

Located in East Africa, the pearl of Africa Uganda is one of the major tourism destination blessed with both natural and, man made attractions all interesting to the tourists, Uganda is gifted by nature with various water bodies lakes , rivers forests, mountains unique culture, cultural sites and historical sites among others.  More still, the pearl of Africa Uganda is a land locked country which is crossed by the equator and border Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, south Sudan and Democratic republic of Congo. There are more than 54 tribes in Uganda each different and unique in their own ways and English is the most spoken language by most people across different cultures besides their local cultures. There are various natural sites in Uganda which tourists should not miss out on their tripe to Uganda which includes the following:

The source of the Nile

This is the point where river Nile/white Nile begins to trek from Victoria to the Mediterranean Sea covering a distance of 6695 kms. This point was formerly the Rippon falls that submerged as a result of the construction of Murchison falls dam which is located in Jinja district Uganda.

Amabere Ga Nyinamwiru:

This site is a lime stone with stalagmites and stalactites which drip the calcium carbonate to form stalagmites down below. They are located near Nyakasura School 9kms west of fort portal town in Kabalore district. They are referred to as the breasts of Nyinamwiru who was the mother of Ndahura the first Mucwezi king of the empire of kitara, more still; there is a water fall within the rock shelter and crater all which have qualified the site to be a tourist attraction site.

Sempaya Hot springs

These hot springs are located at two areas where one is named as male where as the other named as female, they are found in the semliki river valley below the escarpment on the read from fort portal to Bundibugyo town. It is a site where the Bamba inhabitants I of Bundibugyo district carryout their cultural ceremonies and as a famous tourist site not to missed out by the travelers.

Semwema Rock Shelter

This is located 2kms west of kakumiro trading centre and 1 km east of Munsa earthworks in kibale district. It is an active shrine of the bachwezi cult which is underneath a rock shelter that can accommodate about 200 people. There is also a tunnel within the rock shelter through which the visitors pass to the top to clearly view the country side, more still at the shrine, a numerical 9 within the bachwezi cult is observed which is so interesting to the tourists most especially first time travelers.

Bugoma Tree

This is a lone ever green tree which can be seen within a distance of 30kms of plateau land 20kms east of Rubaare trading centre on the Mbarara kabale high way. The site is an active shrine of the religious cult known as the balangi who like the bacwezi cult gather at the site on Saturdays for day and night prayers, its antiquity is evidenced by the extensive root system some of which stretch to 100 meters from the tree.

Kisizi Waterfall

The site is found near Kisizi hospital and it is a site where un married girls who could get pregnant would be tied and their brothers would push them down the falls to die as a deterrent against pre marital pregnancies. This practice is no longer practiced but the site is there as a tourist site, tourists should therefore not miss out this opportunity whenever they have a trip to Uganda.

Sezibwa Falls

Situated 3kms off the 30kms Kampala Jinja road, it is an active shrine and it is said that a big snake lives in one of the rock shelters which feeds on eggs and ritual objects brought by supplicants. At the site, supplicants are also washed at the point where the falls drop to heal from infertility and poverty.

Conclusively, Uganda is blessed with many tourism site which are in their natural setting, have never been tampered at any single time for decades. Travelers taking tours in Uganda are always blessed enjoy such natural sites with exciting histories that gives them a memorable experience.