5 Tips For Short Drivers On A Road Trip Uganda

Short Driver Tips Road Tripping Uganda

Travelers are now shifting from guided safaris to self-driven trips, since it gives them full control of the trip as they are exploring the gems of Uganda.

Yes, guided safaris give travelers all the comfort of the trip, all the planning and implementation is done by the selected tour operator, so your role is to only enjoy and have fun on a Uganda safari. But what about self-driven safaris in Uganda? Having to explore the wonders of the pearl of Africa at your own convenience gives more lifelong memories than expected.

In the developing tourism era, travelers are now opting to control the steering wheel on safaris in Uganda because they present all the powers to run all the trip activities. Short travelers have faced a number of challenges while driving in Uganda, However, this shouldn’t hold you back from grabbing a self-drive in Uganda with these simple tips below.

For any short traveler on a self-driven tour in Uganda, regardless of the destination, whether to see the gorillas in Bwindi or to explore the only true African wilderness in Kidepo Valley national park, one should know the most suitable car for both their height and the safari itself. The 4×4 Toyota land cruisers are the most appropriate cars for short people because of the higher than average ride height. The height of the body offers great visibility on all sides while seated in the driver’s seat. Also the super adjustable seats in the land cruisers make it possible for short drivers to adjust to their best positions of reach.

Sit high with a cushion; to enjoy self-drive safari in Uganda doesn’t matter how shorter your height is, putting a cushion on the driving seat helps shorter travelers to have a better view ahead. However select the correct cushion since the wrong material and size of cushion is prone to slip away and you might end up with injuries. Therefore choosing the correct cushion is the perfect thing to do. Shorter travelers should ensure that the cushion doesn’t slip away with the movements so that they get the perfect vision. A perfect or correct cushions allows shorter travelers to have a comfortable and exciting safe drive during the self-driven safari in Uganda.

Tilt the steering wheel. Short trotters should always tilt the car steering wheels to their best position of fit. The fact that seeing forward and reaching the steering wheel at the same time would be so hard for a person with a defaulted height. So it is always advisable that they first tilt the steering wheels to the best position where they can properly control the steering as well as seeing forward where they are going.

Pedal extenders. People with limited heights find it hard to reach the brakes and other narrow places, however this shouldn’t be a turn off from a self-driven safari in Uganda. Pedal extenders are cheap but helpful especially in bringing the vehicle higher and closer to the short driver. These pedal extensions limit on the space between the steering wheel and the driver, making it easier to control the brakes as well as the wheels. This is one thing that short people should not hesitate to invest in while on a safari trip in Uganda.

Wearing a visor cap. It irritates the drivers especially the shorter people while driving like in the morning or evening when the sun visor cannot block the sun rays and you get obstructed, that should not stop you from enjoying a self-driven safari in Uganda so the solution is to wear a visor cap and the good thing with it is adjustable, allowing you to block the sun rays from any angle.

In any way, being short can never limit any traveler from discovering the striking wonders hidden in the pearl of Africa. If the above tips are mastered well, self-drives in Uganda can become interesting even for short people that are thought of being incapable of driving.