Is Uganda Really Worth Spending Any of Your Money?


As with everything in life, travelling to Uganda for a refreshment or business trip may be worth a tray or a pain in the ass. You never know at all what will happen in the future we just plan ad predict that our plans will go well.

Am a Uganda travel consultant but at the same time a traveller in Uganda. How would you think that Uganda is worth spending your money at all in visiting it? Will it deliver to your expectations or just like any other African countries?

Well Uganda is the pearl of Africa with little bit of everything in the world I may say apart from the snow and bears. It is a true gem that you longed for in ravel for Avery long time.

Truth is told the beauty of something will always lie in the eyes of the particular person. Here what I mean it is so magical for me to visit Uganda seeing all these kind of things this motherland has its breathless but is it really worth visiting at all.

What are those travel things worth spending on in Uganda?

  1. Gorillas

Uganda has got over half the worlds remaining number of gorillas in the world. Bwindi impenetrable national park and mountain Mgahinga gorilla national park in the southern parts of the country are the home to these giants here in Uganda,.

They are quite protected with guns in fact in the dense forests of Bwindi. At a cost of $700 dollars you can do a gorilla trekking in either Bwindi impenetrable national park, or $1500 for gorilla habituation on either of these national parks in Uganda.

A gorilla is one of the five apes on planet earth including man, and is so close in the DNA at about 98% with humans and it is worth everything to see your closest relative sin their natural habitat for.

  1. Climate

Tropical rain forests, waooo. Uganda’s climate is largely tropical with two rainy seasons per year, March to May and September to December. The northern region, which forms one quarter of the country lies outside the tropical belt, and hence experiences only one rainy season, March to October.

Literally this means you can visit Uganda like the whole out if you choose too. You do not have to wait for seasons to come on a self-drive Uganda safari. It is very magical experience that even with our rains they come magically like a few hours in a day and it’s done for someone to do what they want the other hours of the day.

Uganda is ranked as the best friendly country in the whole world I guess this was passed on to us from our great grandfathers who chooses to allow the other people into Uganda for a good cause. A combination of the good climate and weather makes us worth visiting who does not want to see what is in the pearl of Africa surely.

With ten national parks all over the country, worlds half remaining gorillas, a lot of primate and wildlife, the beauty of our flora and fauna made by our tropical climate Uganda has got a lot more to offer that what you would actually expect.

But what makes us stand out in the crowd is not basically all the above but us and what surrounds us as Ugandans.