How Can I Book Car Hire in Uganda

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Are you planning to rent a car in Uganda but you do not know how to book one? Finding a durable, affordable and comfortable car rental deal in Uganda can be challenging as first time traveler or repeat visitor on Uganda safari.

It takes a process, time and patience if you are to find the best car hire deal suitable for your travel desires in Uganda. How can I book car hire in Uganda has become one of the frequently asked questions when it comes to car rental services?

Whether it is a self-drive or rental car with driver service that you are interested in, here are some steps to take to have your car hire booked.

Send an inquiry/Emailing

Visit our website/page, fill in the provided form and later send it. Our reservation team will get back to you as soon as possible with list of car hire deals or offers. We have a great team that is always at clients’ service 24/7 and you can get feedback via email.

Calling directly

You can also book car hire in Uganda by directly calling our team. We have contacts on our website for visitors to reach out to us. Our team will positively respond and give piece of advice where need be on which rental car in Uganda is best to hire. We guide you on which rental car to hire in Uganda depending on your travel plans.


WhatsApp is the other best alternative for tourists on Uganda safaris to have their car hire in Uganda booked. Get in touch with our reservation team on our WhatsApp lines and we shall respond immediately.

Cars to hire in Uganda

With hundreds of car rental service providers all distributed in Uganda, visitors have a range of options to choose a comfortable rental car for their Uganda safaris. The popular cars to expect to rent include Toyota Rav4 with price range of up to 40-50 dollars. This is a fulltime 4 wheel drive compact SUV.

Safari Land Cruiser

4×4 Safari Land Cruiser perfect for all guided trips and has capacity of 7pax. This is available with pop up roof for you to have uninterrupted wildlife views in Uganda.

Land Cruiser Prado

Available with capacity of 3-4pax with luxurious luggage/cargo space. Land Cruiser Prado is fitted with open sunroof, AC, powerful engine and perfect for corporate and safaris in Uganda.

Toyota Super Custom

Book a Super Custom with capacity of 5pax. This is fitted with AC, comfortable seats, luggage space wide enough and also there is where you can stretch your legs.

Safari Minivan

Hire Safari Minivan noted for its powerful engine and ability to navigate through tough terrains. This is fitted with AC, pop up roof, luggage rack and can be hired at US$90 per day.

Other available rental cars in Uganda include Land Cruiser V8 4×4 design with capacity of 4pax, Coaster buses perfect for large group travelers on Uganda safari. Each of the rental cars from 4×4 Uganda are suitable for various travel purposes whether you plan to undertake self-drive tour or driver guided holiday.