Come lean on my shoulder


And I will help you through

The tides have been pretty hard

I suppose and not only that

But because I’ve been informed!

Mine shoulder is a soft one

It’s like a baby’s soft spot

Yet feels no pain in the event that you lean on!

It is just there to share your burdens

As if they were it’s own.

Don’t call me your mama

And neither should you take me for your dad;

I’m simply your neighbor who has turned up

in your greatest time of need.

Come, come to me my dear

And I will wipe away that crispy and salty tear

From your face:

For even when you smiled wide with a jolly face,

I saw your soul wailing

Awkwardly with brutal pain behind that mask.

Your own blood may forsake you

But it’s amazing how foreign blood

Can prove more to be

Like it were your own.

Come, come to me my dear,

Come and lean on my shoulder

And I will help you through:

We will hop till the last step of the race

And from today you shall call me

Your best sibling by default.