Chimpanzee trucking in Queen Elizabeth national park.

travelers trekking chimpanzees


Chimpanzee tracking is the art of walking through the forests in search of chimpanzees and spending two hours with them.

Chimpanzee tracking in Queen Elizabeth national park has five prominent five ecosystems ranging from the thick forest in Kyambura gorge to the swamps along the Kazinga channel.

The Kyambura gorge also as known as the valley of apps found in Queen Elizabeth national park .it is found in the famous Queen Elizabeth National Park the best wildlife destination in Uganda. When you visit Kyambura gorge you will view the world differently from what you know. Its drained river Kyambura, it has rainforest underground near the equator and top area receive enough sunlight and this is has supported the growth of tropical rain forests. After the visit, you will have a lot of talks and write about the Kyambura gorge.

The type of vegetation in Kyambura valley is admirable to the lifestyle of this famous chimpanzee. It’s characterized by thick tall forests and underground forest vegetation that bear fruits which chimpanzees stay enjoyable because of the main fruit course fruits.

Kyambura gorge valley has a mobile community of chimpanzees not like in other Kibale forest national parks, Budongo forest, in 2014 about 24 individuals of chimpanzees were given names by the Uganda wildlife authority and habituated for tourism. Visitors are at a chance of 90 % to see these chimpanzees.

The fact thing about the chimpanzee in Kyambura gorge of Queen Elizabeth national park is that all of them are habituated and are familiar with human beings and can do their activities in presence of human beings. These kinds of chimpanzees are also found in Kibale national park but it’s by chance that habituated chimpanzees can be spotted because they are too many and mobile in the forest.

Besides these tall trees and fruitful in seasons, the tree branches are bent which makes it easy for the chimpanzee to build nests where they can leave and happily an easy work. The chimpanzees make nests by bending the tree branches together and connecting them to make them firm.

Chimpanzee tracking in Queen Elizabeth national park is done at two spots Kyambura as mentioned above and Kalinzu forests

Chimpanzee tracking in Kalinzu forest

Kalinzu forest is a forest reserve found in southwestern Uganda close to Maramagambao forest and Queen Elizabeth national park the best destination for an Uganda safari tour.

Kalinzu forest has beautiful abundant wildlife with over 365 bird species and animals like elephants that also visit the forest. The forest has five variety species of primates like baboons, chimpanzees, velvet monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, patas monkeys, blue monkeys, and black and white Columbus monkeys. The forest has night creatures that visit it in search of breeding grounds, and fresh grass these include bush babies, bushbucks, reedbucks, elephants,  buffaloes waterbucks among others.

Chimpanzees are the prominent attractions in Kalinzu forest with 400 individuals. Currently, chimpanzees are found in 25 countries over the world. Chimpanzees are so interesting they share 98 % of human DNA and exactly behave like human beings

Chimpanzees live in large communities and can give birth after every 5 years and can take care of their kid up to the age of 12  unlike the gorillas it’s adolescents always the female adolescent chimpanzees that leave the community to join others.

Chimpanzee tracking and bird watching are the only tourism activities that draw visitors of Queen Elizabeth national park to Kalinzu forest. Kalinzu is a second conserved area with a high number of chimpanzees after Kibale forest national park and Budongo forest of Murchison falls national park. Kalinzu forest harbors about 400 Indi duals of which 50 of them are habituated and open for tourism.

The chimpanzee trucking permit in Queen Elizabeth national park can be got on the day of tracking unlike in Kibale national park where you have to book in advance. The chimpanzee trucking permit is 50 $ less than 150$ than that of Kibale forest national park.

Other activities in Queen Elizabeth national park other than chimpanzee trekking.

Viewing tree climbing lions

The ishasha sector is famous for tree climbing lions. The Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth national park is dominated by acacia trees with big branches which allow lions to climb and hung up there. ishasha sector is the only place in Uganda where you find tree climbing lions. The tree-climbing lions can also be seen in Manyara national park in Tanzania.

The ishasha sector is located in the south part of queen Elizabeth national park in western Uganda. ishasha sector has savannah grasslands and a magnificent landscape dominated by acacia trees where lions hang.

Boat cruising

Boat cruising is sailing on top water while viewing the beautiful scenery of the country while on the lake. boat cruising in Queen Elizabeth national park is done at Kazinga channel and takes about two hours while cruising on the lake enjoying life. Kazinga channel is popularly known as the best destination for birding. while on the boat will be able to see animals like hippos, crocodiles  water birds, and animals that gather to take water

Lake Katwe (salty lake)

Lake Katie is popularly known for salt mining, the only salt mining lake in Uganda. Situated in the northern peninsular of Mweya with queen Elizabeth national park. the unique crater lakes in Queen Elizabeth national park. while on a tour in queen Elizabeth national park you can request a rewardable eye-catch for attractive crater lakes of lake kale, Nyamunuka, Kikorongo, and Nyunga. Lake Katie over the years has been an interesting and attractive feature in the park and surprisingly the salty lake has no outlet to provide it with water and salt particles.

Game viewing  

Queen  Elizabeth national park has over   200 species of animals that can be seen at ease while on a game drive or game viewing. Animals in Queen Elizbeth national park can be seen in the morning while eating fresh green savannah or in the afternoon at the watering points while gathering to take water

Animals to be spotted in queen Elizabeth national park include the big four  (l lions, elephants, buffaloes, and leopards ) other than the big fours animals like sitatungas, impalas, elands, giraffes, antelopes, Uganda kops can be seen.