Best 5 Ugandan Trade Shows Not to Miss

Trade Show

Ugandan trade shows are a great way to promote and grow your business. You can quickly get involved by participating in or attending one locally to get the feel of it. Be it services or a products, trade shows in Uganda cover a wide range.

If you are in the initial stages of establishing your Ugandan business and have a product that needs exposure, want to increase your sales and expand your market or you want to introduce something new to the market, trade shows can be the way to go. They will extensively introduce and present your company to a wide range of potential clients, encouraging them to use your product or service.

Your business will also from time to time be presented with other low key exhibition opportunities as one-offs away from the big trade fairs. Such exhibitions in Uganda may be specifically targeting your area of service or product – an opportunity for you to showcase your product or service in detail. These can be good to test the reception of your product or service at its inception in the market.

Leading Ugandan trade shows;

There are two leading and most popular Ugandan trade shows with one comprehensively showcasing an agricultural theme while the other is extensively for all businesses and services.

Uganda International Trade Fair (UMA)

Organised by the Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) in Kampala, The UITF – Uganda International Trade Fair is the most popular and increasingly becoming one of the most sort after in the sub-Saharan region by investors who want to showcase their products/ service to capture the vibrant Ugandan market.

It is a reputable multi-sectoral trade fair that has been running for close to 20 years with a unique opportunity to market products and services.

Participants cut across the entire business sector and come from as far as Asia, Europe and the US. It is an annual event held every October round about Independence Day (9th October) and is one of the heights to mark the independence celebrations.

The Source of the Nile Agricultural and Trade Show

The other popular Ugandan trade shows is The Source of the Nile Agricultural & Trade show. It showcases mainly agricultural products and services but also has all other businesses and services that wish to exhibit along side the farmers. It is organised by the Uganda National Farmers’ Federation (UNFFE) at the Show grounds in Jinja.

Started in 1993, this annual event is held every July. It’s a platform for improved technologies, innovations and production in the agricultural sector – a true incentive for the farmers and other businesses related to agriculture to capture their targeted market.

And just to give you an idea, those two Ugandan trade shows should introduce you to the national and international opportunities that Ugandan business offers…

There are other trade shows and exhibitions of a smaller magnitude;

The vibrancy of the Real Estate industry in Uganda makes the International Exhibition and Trade Show for Building and Construction Industries in East Africa a must attend particularly if your business or service is in this sector.

It is a biannual event held in one of the East African Countries. And Uganda being part of the East African Community, the likelihood is that one of the editions is held there. Uganda was host to the 2012 Edition.

It showcases the latest modern technology in building and construction with participants coming from all over the world.

This is yet another opportunity to introduce your business or service to the wider Ugandan market.

WRTF – The Western Region Trade Fair and ERTF – The Eastern Region Trade Fair are biannual regional events held in the western and eastern regions of Uganda respectively. We could say; they are mini versions of the UITF whose showcase is also multi-sectoral providing a platform for foods and beverages, packaging, printing and stationary, industrial and manufacturing, construction, fashion and clothing, tourism and a lot more….

Both are also organized by Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) and participation cuts across all sectors including; overseas investors and manufacturers, promoters of both the indigenous and foreign technologies and the wider business community.

You will quickly realize that the trade fairs in Uganda give you such an opening, no matter if you have been in your industry for decades or just at beginners level. You will meet others in your field and most of all, market your innovative ideas and find new customers.

Look out for other smaller exhibitions in Uganda throughout the year – these could particularly target your field of product or service and this is where you are most likely to meet the other players in the same field – your competitors, to compare notes and see what else is out on the market.

Ugandan trade shows are ideal for business promos, and have for long been used by corporation and small enterprises alike. Take advantage of every way to increase your profits.