Best 10 Honeymoon Destinations in Uganda

Honeymoon in Uganda

Uganda has a number of honeymoon destinations that you can choose from all with amazing sceneries and comfortable accommodation facilities. Any newly-wed couple wouldn’t dare to miss the chance to enjoy Uganda’s beauty. This is probably the first holiday you will spend as a couple and so it has to make you feel relaxed and take away the stress you endured while preparing for your wedding.

In the old ancient times, a honeymoon was that time of the year when a ‘bee honey’ was ripe and cured to be harvested from hives. This was considered to be the sweetest time of the year, usually around June (summer time). In Uganda, most couples plan for their honeymoon days before their wedding and will leave 1 or 2 days after the ceremony. Any couple would expect to have romantic dinners and a lot more for their honeymoon package and many lodging facilities have an option for this.

The following are one of the best honeymoon destinations in Uganda that most couples have / would love to visit.

Kidepo Valley National Park

One of the most memorable things to do as a couple would be taking a flight from Entebbe to Lomej airstrip to enjoy the true African Wilderness in Kidepo Valley Park located in north western Uganda. It’s very hot here giving any couple the chance to feel adventurous and not ‘reserved’. While staying here, you will come across Lions, buffalo herds, Elephants, Giraffes, Ostriches and more animals during the game drives. Enjoy a perfect sun-downer while watching the sunset with your spouse at one of the prestigious lodges. Kidepo’s location is a remote one making it suitable for any couple on a honeymoon safari to avoid being distracted.

Ssese Islands – Lake Victoria

Located on north-western part of Lake Victoria, the Ssese islands are an archipelago of 84 islands. Can easily be accessed by a ferry from Entebbe town or Bukakata landing site. The islands are an amazing honeymoon destination for anyone willing to spend some quality time with their partner. The Islands offer amazing sunrises and sunsets, with holiday weather all year long with starlight skies at night. Get to spend time relaxing at the beach or playing beach soccer and you also have a chance to taste some of the best fish – the Nile perch. If you’d love to go fishing by yourself, this can also be arranged with service providers. Other activities on this island include forest & nature walks to see birds and primates.

Bwindi Forest National Park

The deep jungle forest is a prime destination for any traveler opting for an African Safari. The famous Mountain Gorillas live here, quite a thrilling experience plus many other mammals. The popular Bwindi Forest is also one of the best honeymoon destinations Uganda has to offer. The Imagination of waking up to bird sounds and fresh air every morning, with friendly staff at the lodges is worth it. Any couple would love to come here to make lifetime memories. Romantic Dinners can be arranged on order by the lodges and onsite massage services, and other activities you would be interested in.

Jinja & Source of the Nile

An adventure capital located 80 km east of Kampala city. Lots of fun activities like rafting, bungee jumping, horseback riding, quad biking, sunset cruises etc. Jinja city is filled with amazing hotels, restaurants, lodges, since. The Source of the Nile is located here and it’s a major attraction. Any couple willing to have a good time would opt for a Cruise down the Nile River as they enjoy the sunset. Plus there’s lots of fish to enjoy here and the famous ‘Ugandan Rolex’ – a street food & delicacy to try out!!

Murchison Falls National Park

Well, what makes more of a honeymoon than it being one of the best holidays with amazing experiences? Most holidays to Africa are breath-taking, spectacular, thrilling or whatever experience it maybe but without the honeymoon aspect, it won’t be ‘that honeymoon holiday’ you can always remember. Perhaps a morning hot-air balloon safari in Murchison followed by bush breakfast, boat cruise on the Victoria Nile with Cocktails and later a dinner on your private deck with bottle of sparkling wine. This is admit-ably among the best wild honeymoon destinations in Uganda. Also one of the biggest & oldest parks within this region. After that ‘Wedding’, you’d love to create new memories with an awesome wildlife safari.

Pineapple bay – “A very romantic affair”

Pineapple bay is a resort located on the Bugala Island on Lake Victoria, Uganda. Wake up with Breath-taking views of the Lake Victoria, perhaps enjoy catching some fish with a rod. The 500 acre Island is one place where you would probably get all your senses into action. Very calm place with a lot of pineapples which are grown locally on one of the farms. Fresh pineapple juice is served once you arrive at this island resort and you will be advised to even take off your shoes wrap yourself up in a nice soft ‘kikoyi’ and enjoy your stay.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

One of the most popular honeymoon destinations in Uganda with a number of interesting activities & attractions like; Hot-air balloon Safaris, launch trips, Game drives, Primate Walks. An organised private tour with a trusted tour operator will give you the best time to enjoy the wilderness in QENP with your partner. This is quite easy to arrange and the operator will advise on the best places you can choose to stay in depending on your budget. Many lodges, hotels found in QENP have got extra services for most honeymooners like Flowers, complimentary cake & bottle of wine, dinner for the couple. Enjoy the sunset from your private tent/ cottage/room with a ‘peace of mind’ environment.

Lake Bunyonyi & the many Islands

Most people who have been to Bunyonyi agree that it is a great place with a fantastic scenery and worth staying for several days. The Lake is peaceful and calm and you can swim or take a boat ride across to check out many islands surrounding it. Staying here is quite affordable since camping is available and luxury lodging facilities as well. Spend the day listening to different bird sounds while relaxing and enjoy the sunset in the evening. For most couples looking for honeymoon destinations in Uganda, this has truly been the best place with priceless memories. A lot of other activities as well including hiking, biking, canoeing, village walks etc.

Entebbe town

Located 35 kms from Kampala, this town has a number of good hotels and places to visit. The International Airport is close and most travelers find it nearer when they arrive into Uganda. The prices in most of these places are higher than in the capital Kampala but it’s worth the stay. Looking for a quiet time to chill with your partner, the botanical gardens are close by. Alternatively there are quite a number of Beaches on the shores of Lake Victoria when you can get to enjoy swimming and some good fish. Entebbe has many other attractions including the UWEC Zoo, Reptiles village, many restaurants that you and your partner can visit during day time.

Fort Portal

A beautiful town in the western part of Uganda with an amazing landscape. One of the few honeymoon destinations that you would love to come back to every year. With some of the lodges located near the crater lakes, you will surely wake up to a calm & quiet environment with nice views. If willing not to stay indoors, you can have an adventure tracking Chimps in the nearby Kibale forest or hiking to the ‘Amabere Caves’ and Crater Lakes. The town is full of friendly people.