5 Best Places for Home Stays in Uganda

Homestay in Uganda

Uganda dubbed the pearl of Africa is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to live in because of its hospitable people, ever happy, and above all, its astonishing diverse nature. Uganda has unspoiled and uncontaminated natural wonders that will always amaze adventurers and be left in awe.

Uganda is blessed with a variety of attractions including the national parks; Bwindi impenetrable national park that is home to the mountain gorillas, as well as Queen Elizabeth national park and these, have a lot to offer the visitors who take a step to visit the pearl of Africa.

The variety of activities in Uganda for example white water rafting being the best deal on River Nile, bird watching on Mabamba bay, game drives in Murchison falls national park, chimpanzee tracking in Kibale national park, walking through the rhino footprints and many more have greatly fuelled tourists to travel from their home countries with an intention of getting involved in the activities.

A homestay can be in form of lodging, where visitors who travel to far places away from home retire for relaxation and refreshing. It is a visitors’ choice to decide the duration of stay at a given lodge or hotel. Depending on one’s income or even activities supposed to be covered, one can decide to stay at a given lodge far away from home for a day or even over a year.

Staying in a homestay is not only visiting a given destination, but visitors also ought to live the locals real life too, they adopt their lifestyles, they feed on their cuisines, they try to learn the local’s languages and always welcome to the local’s ceremonies, for example, the Kwanjula if at all they are interested in culture.

While on a Uganda safari holiday, we have a variety of homestays, both in the urban and rural areas deep in the African wilderness that provides accommodation to tourists who are both on short and long trips. These homestays include;

The Amasiko homestay Lake Bunyonyi

The homestay is located in Hamukaaka village, on the lakeshores offering accommodation in line with visitors’ choice, rooms have a balcony with a very nice lake view. A stay at Amasiko offers a visitor an opportunity to get involved in several activities including canoeing, sightseeing among others.

The Tinka homestay

Located about 10km close to Kibale national park in Bigodi village, the budget-friendly accommodation offers guests a wild and exciting home experience with local traditional food prepared from the shared kitchen.

The visitors at Tinka are given the opportunity to get involved in the daily chores of the local people; they can go to the garden and cultivate food, dig, carry food on their backs and prepare it. The experience is said to be so interesting.

Guest rooms are free from mosquitoes, fully furnished, having a living area and en suite bathroom making it a heaven on earth for a visitor in Uganda.

Rwegombe homestay

The eco-friendly homestay is located 8km from Kibale forest national park at the border of fort portal and Kamwenge in western Uganda. Rwegombe is a modern house in a rural setting favoring the budget range of visitors. It extends suitable services to the visitors.

Being next to Kibale national park, it becomes easy for tourists to leave the place for the park activities and the return journey too.

Rweteera village home stay

The homestay is located just outside Kibale national park 15km along Kamwenge road. This place is an ideal base for tourists visiting Kibale Park, Queen Elizabeth, and Semliki National parks. A local family owns the camp and it is a perfect place for camping safaris.

Staying at the camp gives a memorable experience filled with adventure and experience all the time, relation, and romantic ambiance.

Whether you are planning a short break for two or three nights, along holiday, around Uganda, a genuinely warm African welcome awaits you, with local staff and an amazing variety of fresh and delicious dishes at homestays. These are ideal and perfect places to stay for any length of time as you take on your safaris.