Uganda’s Tourism Earnings Have Doubled – Officials Say

Uganda Tourism

Uganda’s tourism earnings have doubled in the last five years from US$440m to US$800m last year. This was revealed by the director of the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) – Cuthbert Baguma,

According to Uganda’s daily News Paper – New Vision, Cuthbert was quoted saying “the sector has enormous prospects for growth, employment and investment”.

He, however, added that despite the fact that tourism in Uganda has been identified as a priority for the development of the country, the sector remains constrained in financial and human resources.

The officer lamented of the government’s failure to support the sector and he was quoted “Destination competitiveness cannot be done when you do not have the right skills,”

Only 21% of Uganda’s visitors come for holidays, adding that there is need to realign the tourism board and provide funding to promote Uganda as a top tourism destination – Cuthbert added

He was addressing the third tourism forum at the Uganda Museum in Kampala recently. Participants included tour operators, hoteliers and Makerere University students.

For more information about visiting Uganda, consult the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) website at  Enjoy your visit to the Pearl of Africa, to track our mountain gorillas or see the splendor of our national parks, the source of the River Nile and Lakes Victoria, Albert, Edward, George and Kyoga.

The Uganda tourism industry stakeholders alongside well-wishers are promoting an increase in domestic tourism and this year launched promotional social media platform #VisitUganda, in which visitors to Uganda are advised to add the hashtag on their tweets while visiting the country’s attractions.