Renting a Car with Rooftop Tent, All you need to Know


The truth of the matter is that vacation holidays are changing their mode of experience from the usual to new experiences, and the rooftop tent mostly are double occupancy. Several travelers are embracing the mode of renting a 4×4 with the rooftop tent in Uganda and drive their own way. Having a 4×4 with a rooftop tent on a holiday vacation in Uganda and East Africa is a double agent. This because it caters for both transportation and accommodation at once

This is in most cases is seen as a double score with one slot. It contains both transportation and accommodation. However, travelers sometime possess the option for new travel experiences. Driving into the scenic wildly plains and tropics, and experience their night life with an outdoor rooftop camping on top of your 4×4 land cruiser is an amazing story to narrate.

4×4 Rental available  with rooftop tent

There are various options which are customized for rooftop tent camping. These rentals however they vary in the rates of renting but offer perfect and comfortable cruise into the wilderness alongside rooftop tents. The rentals available with rooftop tent camping in Uganda most of them are land cruiser series including land cruiser Prado TX/TZ, these are the maiden for safari rooftop camping in Uganda.

Other land cruiser include VX, GX and V8, these are luxurious and even spacious for travelers with large luggage. Then 4×4 Nissan Patrol it’s a manual mode but as well presented to cruiser this experience. And the safari land cruiser (land cruiser 70 series), these are sometimes called customized to be 5 sitters, are very spacious for passengers and cargo. These are safari hulks that have statured to maneuver all terrains, you don’t have to worry when hiring a 4×4 rental with a rooftop tent and cruise anywhere. Actually driving in Uganda particularly is on unlimited mileage.

Occupying capacity of a 4×4 rental with rooftop tent

The rental cars with rooftop tent have a maximum carrying capacity of 5 passengers, and comfortably they carry 4 passenger with each sharing a window. Rooftop tents are mainly and famously for couples, so people traveling two are highly favored to find a rooftop tent. For groups of more than two, there are family rooftop tents which can fit on mainly land cruiser VX, GX, and V8, also the Nissan Patrol and Safari Land cruiser five sitter. The family rooftop tent has a capacity of 4 people. But for families can be advised as well to hire a 4×4 rental car with two double rooftop tents. This has been tried and has worked for many travelers.

Benefits of a 4×4 rental with rooftop tent

Considerably let’s discuss here benefits (pulls) why should one rent out a 4×4 rooftop tent on an adventure. Reading to the end, you will have made a resolution of taking on a 4×4 rooftop tent for an adventure in Uganda, East Africa or Africa at large.

Easy to use

Let it be for advanced or first time users, traveling with a 4×4 safari land cruiser with rooftop tent makes your journey so easy with transport and accommodation. Not the ground camping where one almost has to install everything. Well tied on the 4×4 land cruiser, rooftop tent is easy to set as one only has to makes just a simple sail for a night set up.

Time conscious

Anywhere you drive, there is limited or no worry on where to have a night as you need just to level your 4×4 vehicle and get the tent set. Rooftop tent camping has proved to be time conscious traveling option as one can just make a nigh arrangements to any place they fill cool, tired or even desired place. Setting up a rooftop tent doesn’t require much time, rather only a glide of the roof rack and make expansions in just minutes which is opposite to ground camping and indoor accommodation which fall a process of reservation, checking in and out it’s a wastage of a lot of time.

Cost efficiency

The 4×4 rooftop tent camping calls for just few dollars together with the 4×4 vehicle. Probably, a 4×4 land cruiser is possible with a rooftop tent which together can cost about US$100 catering for both vehicle and a very comfortable accommodation instead of hiring a 4×4 Land cruiser at around US$90 and accommodation for about US$100 which tends to be costly. A rooftop tent camping offer cost relief for your trip and can explore the more or spend more days exploring.

Very comfortable

A reflection to do rooftop tent camping is rewarded with comfort, the fear for wild attack when slept in the ground camping is vanished here. Sleeping off the ground attack yet below the night whispers remain reliable for safety.

More adventurous

Trying out something new! Alright, the adventure. The outdoor rooftop camping into the wild or bushes it’s a unique where traveler can have their vehicle camped into the wild savannah amidst the concentration of variety of wildlife and a night a midst roars and whispers is an amazing encounter. A night of open heavens dominated by a moonlight and the arrays of stars is an astounding quirk.


Taking on a 4×4 rooftop tent trip is amazing flexible trial which could always fit your trip plan. The incident can always be rescheduled to fit what one fills is best for the trip. One can have a night anywhere without wandering of where to sleep and can considerably make changes.