Karuma Wildlife Reserve

Located in the kiryandongo district adjacent to Murchison falls national park. The Karuma wildlife reserve was established in 1964 as a buffer zone for Murchison falls national park. The reserve covers an area of 802 square kilometers

Karuma wildlife reserve is situated at an altitude of 962 meters above sea level in the kiryandongo district the reserve contains the roaring Karuma falls situated along the Victoria Nile. The waterfalls are not too far from Murchison falls national park the oldest and the biggest conserved land in the country.

Karuma wildlife reserve was an extension for animals like elephants, buffaloes, hippos and other small mammal species that would move from Murchison falls national park.  Karuma wildlife reserve offers the best wildlife viewing while on an Uganda safari. It harbors herds of buffaloes, elephants, and animals that flock it to take water.

The wild life reserve is within the Murchison fall conservation area that includes Murchison falls national park, Budongo forest, and Kaniyo –Pabidi areas and the Bugungu wildlife reserve. The reserve was established in 1964 as buffer zone for Murchison falls national park and neighboring areas.

Karuma wildlife reserves had slowly lost its significance in controlling wildlife after the encroachment due to the influx of refugee settlements where more than 7000 were resettled to kiryandongo district

The reserve got its name from the local legend belief of rock that convene powers to form Karuma falls and its where the reserve acquired its name from , tourists in Murchison falls national park have option of either visiting Karuma falls or Murchison falls the powerful in the world.

Attractions in Karuma Wildlife Reserve

Game viewing

Karuma will reserve gives the best of wildlife safari while on a Uganda safari .the reserve harbors about four big mammals that are in Uganda’s 10 national parks. Animals to be spotted include elephants, buffaloes, lions, hippos and crocodiles sun bathing. And wild flock Karuma falls to take water as well as eat fresh grass around the river a Uganda safari in Karuma wildlife reserve will reward you with a memorable experience of how wild live in its habitat.


While on your Uganda safari, bird watching is one the interesting and an amazing activity to while in Karuma wildlife reserve. The reserve offers the best of birding safari the reserve boosts about 100 bird species where by 50% and natives and another percentage are migratory birds from Murchison falls national park and Budongo forest. Some of the species to spot includes Abyssinian, giant heron, ground hornbill, swamp fly catcher among others. The existence of unique bird species, mammal species in the reserve will make your Uganda safari in the Karuma a memorable experience

 Karuma falls

Besides wildlife, Karuma wildlife has fascinating Karuma falls that has cascading and interlocking rocks that forms the roaring and splashing bubbles along Victoria Nile. A Sightseeing at Karuma falls will reward you a memorable experience.


Primate viewing

Karuma wild life reserve has about 10 species of primates that calls it a home and can be spotted easily while on your Uganda safari in Karuma wildlife reserve. Primates to spot include velvet monkeys, baboons’ patas monkeys, and blue monkeys, red Columbus monkeys L’hoest monkeys among others. Arrangements can be made and you visit Budongo forests for chimpanzee tracking.

How to access Karuma falls wild life reserve

Situated in kiryandongo district and can be accessed by road from Kampala it’s about 250km about 4 hours cruising on Kampala – Gulu highway. And visitors from Murchison falls national park or Ziwa rhino sanctuary can quickly access Karuma wildlife reserve because it situated very adjacent to them.

Where to stay while in Karuma wildlife reserve.

Unlike other wildlife reserve that doesn’t have accommodations around them, Karuma wildlife is gifted with beautiful accommodations that range from budget, midrange and luxury

These include

Red chill rest camp, Karuma travelers hotel, and Karuma falls campsite among other campsites suitable for camping.

Red chill rest camp is the budget accommodation with fabulous rooms, restaurants and bar Karuma travelers hotel is midrange and Chobe safari lodge is high-end.