Practical Information

Here is all practical information you need to know about Uganda, the Pearl of Africa;

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  • Invest in Uganda
  • Medical
  • Money
  • Transport/Getting around
  • Vaccination for Uganda Visitors


Main roads are generally good and recent road works have much improved the road network in and around Kampala. Secondary roads vary in quality and may be poorly maintained. Be prepared for long and sometimes bumpy car journeys. We call it ‘The African Massage’!


No photographs of, or near, military buildings or soldiers are allowed. It is only polite to ask people before taking photographs.

Film and other photographic equipment/supplies are available in Uganda. Fast film (400-1600 ASA) is recommended for gorilla tracking and forest walking. For digital photography, we recommended you bring extra batteries and a car charger. If you have special requirements, then we strongly suggest that you come with the necessary equipment.

Most accommodation will have facilities for recharging batteries used by audio/visual equipment. Feel free to confirm in advance.


International telephone communication is good from Kampala but more difficult in some rural areas. Uganda has a good mobile phone network throughout most of the country and local SIM cards can be purchased throughout the Country. International roaming facilities are available.

Internet services are widely available in Kampala through internet cafes, and most major towns will have access, although the quality and speed of the connection varies.

All our drivers/guides have cell phones and maintain contact with the Head Office throughout safaris. Airtime can be purchased for your use or the driver/guides’ mobile phones if necessary.


Uganda: 240 volts. 3-pin square sockets. It is recommended that you bring your own adapter. Most hotels, lodges or camps can make arrangements for recharging batteries. Please ask us on booking if you have specific requirements.


Several brands of local and international beer are available, including leading local beers: Bell, Club, Pilsner and Nile Special beers. Most spirits and wines are imported and are readily available. Uganda Waragi is a very popular local gin.

Drinking and driving is prohibited and purchase of alcohol under the age of 18 years is also illegal.