Life in Kampala

Thinking of life in Kampala? – Great! Lets set certain things right before we continue; you could have probably already read publications on how wonderfully cheap it is to live here in Kampala. But while it’s certainly cheaper (of course) than living in the US, Kampala isn’t as cheap as some people may want you to believe.

I have put together the answers to all the questions that have come through on life in Kampala especially on the cost of living – and this may still not be exhaustive, but will certainly guide you on what you would expect.

Life in KampalaI have outlined the kind of monthly expenses you would incur – and just to let you know, this is not based on living extravagantly but again certainly not as paupers either.

Let’s say; you go out for dinner a few times a month, try to take a taxi/bus into down town (and usually a taxi back if it’s after 9pm), know where to discreetly do your shopping and not spend much on entertainment (you will be amazed at how much free entertainment Kampala offers that you can take advantage of!) – That would be good enough.

But again, I am not setting any house rules here. The guiding principles are; ‘how do you want to go about living in Kampala?’ and ‘how much can you afford?’

You might want to explore Kampala’s night life – The collection of bars and night clubs is exciting and you should have no trouble finding a place to enjoy the fine Ugandan beer or dance to the latest Ugandan tunes.

Ugandans in Kampala live on; from a US dollar a day (many times even less) to the sky is the limit – this cuts across the board and is very much dependant on how much one can afford. You will certainly get those that live beyond their means! But generally, they live in a rather prudent manner considering that they have monthly bills to pay.

… And for you that is visiting Uganda or thinking of living in Uganda for a longer stay, there might be things you consider necessity and priority – things you can’t do with out. Some of these may be a kind of luxury to an average Ugandan; best example would be the internet. Yes, don’t be put off, have it! – as long as it’s part of your priorities and you can afford it.

Whether it is getting round the city, finding a house to live, furnishing your new home, getting to places, or getting by with your shopping, there are pitfalls that could make life in Kampala dreadful and certainly expenses you can reduce.

Life in Kampala will take you by surprise in many ways – not any thing to worry about! It is generally a very peaceful city and once you have settled in, you will surely love it here. The people are friendly and if you are the kind that easily blends, you will love the Ugandan cuisine too.

Ok then, having said that, here you will find the details of the cost of living in Kampala – but remember, this is only a guide and some of these costs could have gone up and down even as you read this page.