Healthy Tips


As you are busy preparing for your safari to Uganda, one thing you should never forget is to prepare medically. You never know what will happen when you are in the wilderness-National Parks, Wildlife Reserves and other natural sites. Worse of all, most of the destinations you are likely to visit in Uganda are remote and the nearest Health Centers are a number of kilometers away which is the reason you have to ensure thorough medical preparations before undertaking the safari to the Pearl of Africa.

We all desire to have a memorable and not horrible safari experience thus if you desire the former, then the following are the important medical preparations you need to undergo before traveling to Uganda for your safari;

Check and confirm with the specific vaccinations

Most countries will not allow you to cross its borders without proof of immunization against a number of diseases like Yellow fever and malaria. When it some to Uganda, you will be required to present an inoculation certificate against yellow fever and all immunizations have to be recorded and presented on an official International Certificate of Vaccination, also referred as the “Yellow health Card”.

Don’t forget medications

If you are on some kind of medications, don’t forget to carry them and ensure that you have enough to take you through the entire trip. Additionally, don’t forget to carry a copy of your prescription for additional security (in case you run out of the medications before the end of the trip) but also make sure to have some emergency medications such as anti-malarial, anti-diarrheal and others during the safari in Uganda. Not only that, if you are undergoing some special treatment, always consider packing/having a scanned copy of your medical records or a letter from your personal doctor detailing your treatment schedules so that you can be helped in case of any emergency cases during the Safari.

Check with your insurance provider

Before undertaking your safari in Uganda, it would be a perfect idea to first inquire or consult with your medical insurance provider if your policy actually applies overseas for emergency cases and if it doesn’t or if you wish to add extra coverage, also ask if there are chances of opting for supplemental insurance.

Therefore, undertaking a safari in Uganda is one of the most unforgettable experiences but medical preparations have to be made, which include contacting your insurance provider, first verify the country-specific vaccinations and finally don’t forget to carry your medications (in case you are on some kind of treatment).