Source of the Nile

Great! It’s quite interesting that the Source of the Nile now comes up as a point of argument at different forums … interesting also that we Ugandans are a literal bunch that have always sat back and waited for someone to go official on this – even after we have had the crown of the ‘Source’ all these years – After all, someone still made this official in the first place!

The spin around it now is finding the ‘true’ Source of the Nile. A group has placed it somewhere in Rwanda in the Nyungwe forest reserve while another places it in Burundi. The fact is; all these streams flow into Lake Victoria.

Let’s look at this closely; For starters, let’s say all these said streams end into Lake Victoria and then another big river flows out of Victoria – just for arguments sake! Fact is; the mighty Nile that flows out of lake Victoria flows into the Mediterranean Sea and ends there … unless of course some team wants to suggest that the Nile continues with any stream that flows out of the Mediterranean!

My point exactly – following on with this argument, if it is true with where the Nile ends, then the ‘true’ Source of the Nile is out of Lake Victoria. There are various rivers that flow into Lake Victoria – River Kagera and others; including the said streams.

Visit the Source of the Nile near the town of Jinja in the east of Uganda.

John Hannington Speke – the first white man to set foot here believed he had discovered the source of the Nile way back in 1858. Speke’s discovery faded off Captain Richard Burton’s earlier claims of the source being in Lake Tanganyika further south.

Welcome to Uganda where we continue to make discoveries – anyone, even you can! … If only the experts would stop arguing about the Source of the Nile, they might come to realize how wonderful the Nile is – and there is no dispute about that!