Where is Uganda

So Where Exactly Is Uganda?

Many Travelers Ask this Question. Is it located in Central Africa or Eastern Africa?
Uganda is located in the heart of Africa. It is located in East Africa. Politically it belongs to the East African Community, a regional bloc for 6 countries; Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and the South Sudan.

In terms of location; it’s bordered by Kenya on the east, Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC) on the west, The South Sudan on the north, Tanzania on the south and Rwanda on the southwest.

The Country is also known as the ‘Pearl of Africa’- many times because of its beauty and amazing tourist attractions; the magnificent biodiversity – the fauna and flora, the weather and climate.

It is a land locked country and doesn’t have direct access to the sea. Most of its international trade are dependant on its neighbours particularly Kenya and Tanzania that are its gateway to the Indian Ocean coast of East Africa for international business.

Uganda is crisscrossed the Equator, the imaginary line that divides the world into two equal parts. It lies between latitudes 4 degrees N and 2 degrees S (a small area is north of 4 degrees), and longitudes 29 degrees W and 35 degrees E.

On the Map;

Here is a more detailed Map of Uganda.

The country is covered by a diversity of vegetation. Its cover is divided into; swampy low lands, fertile green plateau with forests and hills and the semi-desert region particularly in the northeast.

In the south sits the mighty Lake Victoria that it shares with Kenya and Tanzania while Lake Kyoga dominates the centre. The Victoria Nile (part of River Nile) drains from Lake Vitoria into Lake Kyoga and out into Lake Albert.

Albert Nile (also part of River Nile) drains out of Lake Albert on its way north into The Southern Sudan and further on into Egypt on its way to the Red Sea.