Uganda Map

Here is a Map of Uganda to quickly help you browse through and get familiar with this country; the regions, the cities, the towns and more.

You can also see other Ugandan Maps here

Tips on how to use this Map…

  • Use the arrows to move up and down, left and right.
  • Use + and – to zoom in and out
  • You have options of viewing it as either; map, satellite imagery, terrain (which will show you the street maps) or the 3D imagery.

Here is an idea which works brilliantly; Using the zoom in and out, find the right scale that takes care of your areas of interest and then print it as a pdf file which you could bring along on your Ugandan Vacation – How cool is that?

Fun Fact

… Did you know that;

  • Uganda’s people are known around the world for their warmth and hospitality.
  • Uganda is the same size as Oregon State in the US … But look at these figures; (Uganda population 35,873,253 – Oregon population 3,871,859).
  • Uganda’s climate is tropical and there are two dry seasons Dec – Feb and June – August. The average temperature is 28 degrees Celsius.
  • Uganda is home to the endangered mountain gorillas, which are almost extinct. There are only about 750 gorillas left in the world, and they can only be found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda, Volcanoes National park in Rwanda and the Virunga National Park in Congo.